The condition of the new parliamentary batch promises to be unsettling for Euroforians in Berlin, Frankfurt and Brussels. Peppe Grillo (photo), victor in the election and one of the Steinbrück “Clowns” is openly expressing the desire of letting the Italians – at least now online – vote over remaining in the Euro zone. Shortly before this, the “thief wannabe,” who presumably will remain out of a government, has already suggested not paying back part of the country’s national debt or only part of it.

The idea or threat of Italy going back to the lira was something that Silvio Berlusconi, the second victor in the parliamentary election, had already repeatedly mentioned in which Italy would by all means be able to develop its own dynamic. Also, only half of Italians polled in opinion surveys currently support the euro.

It is indisputable that a country incapable of reform with the euro is unable get on its feet again competitively. Grillo’s likewise expressed suspicion that Italy’s national finances could already collapse within half a year could, however, be too pessimistic in Italy’s view. The fact, however, is that the country must count again on increasing interest for national loans, which will intensify the difficult economic condition.

We are navigating more and more to the point in which the ultimate communitization of all national debts and bank crises will be the last remaining trump card of the Europhorians for keeping countries like Italy in the euro.

If it gets this far, then it will perspectively mean the end of mass prosperity in Germany for at least one generation. The only consolation is that it will be considerably more empty not just in our wallets but in the Muslim immigrant quarters as well.

Posted by PI / Translation: Anders Denken

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