The Salafists must be taken seriously: They not only outwardly try to imitate their perfect example and perfect man “prophet” Mohammed with their long beards, frocks and caps, they also want to follow him with his actions. And since Mohammed had many of his critics killed, now they also want to kill critics of Islam in Germany. The first known attempt an democratic and peace-loving politician Markus Beisicht failed due to alert security authorities. On Saturday, a Salafist openly threatened me before a running camera and with a megaphone in the center of the Munich shopping zone that he would cut off my head (here is part 1 of the eye-opening video). He repeatedly said this with unshakable certainty.

(By Michael Stürzenberger)

Part 2 of the highly interesting conversation with Mohammed’s obedient follower and apparently willing executor of Allah’s command produces further deep insights in the thought process of a strictly devout Moslem:

More photos of the most exciting FREEDOM rally in one and a half years, which will continue as long as there is a citizen petition against the building of a European center in Munich financed by a terror-supporting Arab country and run by an imam under suspicion by Constitutional Defense:

(Kamera: Libero; Fotos: Roland Heinrich)

Posted by byzanz on PI / Translation: Anders Denken

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