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Archiv für den April, 2013:

The Abendzeitung München newspaper has now published a short report about the first day of trial about the Himmler Islam poster. After around five hours of trial, the hearing of several witnesses and detailed examinations, court was adjourned until Monday, May 6th at 12:30. Stürzenberger is showing in the case file picture the core group […]

“Oh, happy day” – With these words, the former US president George W. Bush began his speech yesterday (4/25) in Dallas at the opening of the “George W. Bush Presidential Library” named after him. A moving, but also very humorous speech in parts and thus typically American given in the presence of the current and […]

The reports are full of comments from companions who knew the Boston Marathon bombers and testified how “nice” and “friendly” they were. All of them could not believe that the Tsarnayev brothers could ever become violent. This is not the first time that we have heard of such observations about violent criminals, but there is […]

There was a banality of a special kind today in Vienna: 40 people followed a Facebook call by the Chechen group “Pro Tsarnayev” and demonstrated for solidarity with Muslims in general and the Boston attackers specifically. Accusations were also made that the FBI falsified evidence against the Tsarnayev brothers. Men and women demonstrated in an […]

Just how far teenagers were willing to go to get concert tickets for an appearance of their idol was something Anne-Kat Hæland, host of the Norwegian comedy show “Ann kat” wanted to find out. In Oslo’s shopping zone, the following was offered: “Whoever converts to Islam gets free tickets for the next Justin Bieber concert.” […]

Syrian Orthodox Bishop Gregorius Hanna Ibrahim and Greek Orthodox Bishop Mor Boulose Yazigi were kidnapped by terrorists today (4/23) in Aleppo, Syria. Their driver, Deacon Ibrahim Ulah was killed in the process. The Mor Jakob Syrian Orthodox cloister in Warburg confirmed this report on Facebook as well as on Lebanon Debate and other websites. The […]

US Secretary of State John Kerry has expressed “compassion for the victims of violence on the Mavi Marmara” in Istanbul. He compared the mourning family members with the victims of the terror attack at the Boston Marathon. This comparison has unleashed considerable outrage in the Jewish media worldwide and in Israel. In 2010, “peace activists” […]

On Friday (April 26th) I, along with the manager of the Bavaria BPE (“Pax Europa”) chapter and Munich PI photographer Roland Heinrich and two other compatriots from the FREEDOM/BPE/Munich PI circle will be hauled into court. We are being accused of using unconstitutional symbols. What happened? On September 29, 2011, at the BPE “Islam is […]


While the world grieves for the victims of the Boston Terror Attack, 8-year old Martin, who dies after hugging his dad, his little sister, who lost a leg, his mother, seriously injured, the dead, the injured, many still strugling for life and their loved ones, leftwing US-haters in germany mock the victims. German paper Titanic […]

Several explosions occurred this afternoon near the finish line of the Boston Marathon in the US state of Massachusetts . CNN showed a pillar of smoke, injured people and emergency crews. According to the New York Post, there were 12 dead and 50 injured. Bleeding onlookers were cared for in the medical tent. The airspace […]

I’M PROUD TO BE A MEMBER OF THE KAFIR RACE The Kafir race, like lemmings are rapidly racing toward the cliff of extinction. They will sooner rather then later join the Passenger Pigeon, Dodo bird and Neanderthals on the slagheap of history leaving only the Muslim Race to inherit the earth.

Thatcher’s statesmanship targeted concrete ideas. At the center was the nation-state, which she considered as the sole political organizational form qualified for action. Even globalization didn’t change anything about this fact. States are to act on the basis of interests. She distrusts humanitary purposes and ethnic goals in politics as well as all globalistic and […]

Headline: “Freedom” Party and PI considered unconstitutional in Bavaria Today at noon (4/12), Bavaria’s interior ministor Joachim Herrman (CSU) held a press conference on occasion of the publishing of the 2012 Constitutional Defense Report in which the FREEDOM Party and PI were extensively discussed. Apparently the intensively directed citizen petition against the European Islamic Center […]

No person knows how many people are executed in China each year. Amnesty International estimates in the thousands for 2012 – more than in the rest of the world together – followed by Islam. It is known[1] that in China executions are performed for the very precise purpose of transplants. Our mainstream media, however, only […]

“If there had been a referendum over the Euro, two-thirds of the Germans would have voted against the Euro. Democracy can only be successful if one stands up and says: That’s how it is.” Former Chancellor Helmut Kohl said this back in 2002 in an interview that was made public only recently that journalist Jens […]

Goals achieved from an offsides position and get accepted, goals that are scored correctly but not counted by the line judge anyway – errors in judgment by line judges have been a part of football since forever; every football fan knows this. But when Muslims are in the game, or one of the teams belongs […]

On 3/11, a text by Necla Kelek appeared in the print edition of Focus 11/2013, which is now available online and to which we would like to direct our people. Kelek openly addresses the difficulties obvious to all in the German-Turkish relationship: Re-islamization of Turkey under Erdogan, prohibition against assimilation, visa freedom and the demand […]

A 17-year-old girl (photo) was ambushed by three southern* men Saturday around 1:45 a.m. in Hamburg-St. Pauli and beaten so harshly that her jaw broke. The Hamburger Morgenpost newspaper apparently is having problems with missing evidence, even though this exists.

“The most prejudiced group are the elderly who grew up in a different time. To put it bluntly, when they die, things will change for the better,” said multiculture expert Mikael Hjerm (photo), 43-year-old professor for sociology at the University of Umeå in an article in the English-speaking “Sweden News The Local” about possible Swedish […]

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