Headline: “Freedom” Party and PI considered unconstitutional in Bavaria

Today at noon (4/12), Bavaria’s interior ministor Joachim Herrman (CSU) held a press conference on occasion of the publishing of the 2012 Constitutional Defense Report in which the FREEDOM Party and PI were extensively discussed. Apparently the intensively directed citizen petition against the European Islamic Center is causing major headaches. Since the end of March, according to the report, the Bavaria FREEDOM Party and the Munich PI group are have been monitored by the Constitutional Defense office. The Süddeutsche newspaper (SZ) thus interprets that they are now considered “unconstitutional.” An incomprehensible warping of reality: Those who want to protect democracy and the Constitution from an ideology hostile to the Constitution are now being pilloried. Does anyone still wonder in a Germany fully infected with political correctness?

(By Michael Stürzenberger)

The SZ writes:

They are spreading anti-islamic propaganda and fueling fears of Muslims: Now the Bavarian interior ministry is classifying the local chapter of the “Freedom” Party and the Munich group of the “Politically Incorrect” (PI) weblog as unconstitutional. The regional Constitutional Defense bureau has been monitoring both groups who are closely knit both in personel and in content and has accounted for a hard core of around five persons. Michael Stürzenberger, local head of the “Freedom” Party, is considered the main leader.

Interior Minister Joachim Herrman (CSU) showed concern at the presentation of the 2012 Constitutional Defense Report because these anti-Islam activists disparage all Muslims as enemies of the rule of law. Since 2012, they have been gathering signatures in Munich for a petition against the ZIEM mosque project of Penzberg imam Benjamin Idriz. Herrman stressed that normal criticism of Islam or against ZIEM wasn’t considered unconstitutional. Citizens who have signed are not being monitored. According to Constitutional Defense chief Burkhard Körner, Bavaria is the first state to classify the Islam-haters as extremist.

Here is the speech from Herrman:

Ladies and gentlemen, there is cause for concern that in the scene of the extreme right-wing – but not just there – islamophobia is gaining in importance. Right-wing extremists are using the societal discourse, for example, the building of mosques to awaken or to strengthen general prejudices against Muslims and Islam. They are trying to use the fact for themselves that other parts of the population are also dealing critically with Islam, for example, with regard to the equality of man and woman.

Islamophobia builds itself partly – unconnected with classic extreme right-wing circles – as an unconstitutional movement.

Michael Stürzenberger, speaker for the local Munich PI group (PI stands for Politically Incorrect), took over the local leadership of the “Freedom” Party the beginning of 2012. Since then, the local chapter, which is also comprised of the hard core of the Munich PI group, is using the campaign they initiated at the end of 2012 for a petition against the “European Center for Islam in Munich” (ZIE-M – Zentrum für Islam in Europa – München) on the Internet as well as at events for general islamophobic propaganda.

The activities have as a target fueling general fears of Muslims as unintegratable followers of an ideology and disparaging all Muslims on the basis of their beliefs as enemies of the State. By doing so, religious freedom, human dignity and the fundamental law of equal treatment as core components of our fundamental free democratic order are being infringed on.

The president of the Bavarian regional office for Constitutional Defense, therefore, has initiated the monitoring of the Munich local PI group and the Bavarian chapter of the “FREEDOM” Party.

Not to be included in this is criticism of Islam – for example, also in the form of a petition against the ZIE-M – which is allowed in the framework of the constitutional law of free speech and is not extremist. Citizens who support the petition with their signatures will not be monitored by Constitutional Defense.

Video of the press conference with a round of questions:

As though we haven’t been announced each Saturday at the FREEDOM rallies for one and a half years: Our work of information is not oriented against Moslems, but against the political ideology of Islam. Moslems are its first victims, most of all women. We want to liberate them from the shackles of this ideology so that they can integrate in our free democratic society.

But all of this is being deliberately ignored. It has much more to do with battling against a young political power. The CSU wants possibly to eat away at a possible competitor like the Republicans back some time ago.

Bavarian television came in the afternoon today (4/12) to the FREEDOM information stand at the Tegernseer Platz in Munich and filmed us:

Of course not to interview us again, but rather once again the extreme-left journalist Tobias Bezler who as usual portrays us as “right-wing populists.” I even tried to persuade the editor of the fact that it was really her journalistic duty to show pro and contra and all us to speak as well, but apparently it’s not a matter of balance for Bavarian Television (Bayerisches Fernsehen). She indeed graciously wrote in her notepad about the scandalous facts regarding the terrorist-supporting Arabic ZIEM financier Qatar and Imam Idriz who is known to Constitutional Defense, but, of course, put none of that in her report.

On B5 Aktuell:

Welt online reports that Lord Mayor Ude and the capital had pushed since the end of 2011 for PI and the FREEDOM Party to be monitored by Constitutional Defense. In the report by Blu News the theme paper is subject once again.

One thing is clear: We will maintain our way consistently and continue unswervingly. In the spirit of the newly reestablished White Rose and in the deepest consciousness of being true defenders of freedom and democracy. In contrast to the hypocritical and disingenuous mainstream who is intentionally ignoring the existential threat by Islam.

(Camera: Manfred Schwaller; Video Processing: theAnti2007)

Posted by byzanz on PI / Translation: Anders Denken

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