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Wendy Davis, a 50-year-old senator in the Texas state assembly halted a democratic vote over the strengthening of the abortion law with a 13-hour speech (photo). Davis is now being celebrated by the “Democrats”; US president Barack H. Obama tweeted his support. But the left-wing, politically correct Rheinische Post also lauds the “hero in tennis […]

In 2011, the European mainstream media could hardly avoid the giant surprise election victory of the national-conservative, peoples’ party “True Finns” (today: Perussuomalaiset, or “The Finns”). They were forced, though unfavorably enough, to report about a small group of people in Europe’s north that dared not to dance enthusiastically around the EUSSR idols and have […]

Lower Saxony Interior Minister Boris Pistorius (SPD – Socialist Party of Germany) called for a more consistent differentiation between Islam and islamism. “These terms have nothing in common but the first two syllables,” said Pistorius. Nearly 99 percent of the Muslims in Germany, according to Pistorius, are peace loving and regard the German Constitution as […]

“Barack Obama is no longer coming to Berlin as an idol” – Volker Beck of the “Greens” said this before the visit of the US president. A statement that was immediately and readily taken up by quite a few leftist, politically correct journalists in our country. But the German leftists and their journalists are disappointed […]

The Bavarian Administrative Court issued a suspending action to the urgent motion filed by the PWB Office of Attorneys in Jena for Bavaria FREEDOM. With this, the prohibition of photography and filming for the participants of the rally now off the table, likewise the decibel limitation for the speeches. A couple of exceptions: During the […]

Today (6/18), the headline “Loudspeaker quiet and photographer ban – City puts brakes on Islam hater” was splashed triumphantly across all the Munich AZ (Evening Newspaper) newspaper racks. In addition, a photo that is to befit the agitational image of the politically correct press regarding the “extremists.” Of course, AZ editor Willi Bock didn’t feel […]

ISLAM IS HATE CRIMES FREE SPEECH VERSUS ISLAM HATE SPEECH/HATE CRIMES U.S. Justice Department’s Initiative to Criminalize Anti-Islam Hate Speech and the Challenge of Criminalizing Islam Itself Free Speech versus Criminal Hate Speech The U.S. Department of Justice is waging a very serious challenge to Americans’ constitutional right to Free Speech by trying to criminalize […]

The recent Pew poll on the attitudes of Muslims worldwide is not worth the paper it is written on. Most of the questions were designed to present Islam as normal and Muslims as no different from average Americans. Indeed, the conclusion of the Pew Poll (discussed below) is: Muslims in their belief are little different […]

Translator note: There was a request in the comment area for the translation of this article, and so it is done. The original German article by Akif Pirincci is titled “Das Schlachten hat begonnen (The slaughter has begun)” and can be found on the website “Die Achse des Guten” (The Axis of Good). For the […]

Last Saturday, an act of violence happened in Cologne that brings to mind Akif Pirincci’s somber text “The slaughter has begun” in a terrifying way. According to the police report, a group of around ten to 15 brutally beat up a young man (23) in Cologne-Bocklemünd.

Nothing really, so one thinks, and that also is simply logical if there’s not mention of a few head-covered girls in Belfast. One thinks, but nothing is logical. Since the decades of the “Troubles” between Scottish and English unionists and the Irish nationalists, Northern Ireland to this day has been produced as evidence that Islam […]

“So much trouble for just one dead person,” “They all would have to be stabbed” – the friends of Jonny K. who was kicked to death had to listen to such sayings in the courtroom. Threats and intimidations by journalists and German participants in the trial are apparently the norm in this trial. Tomorrow (6/6) […]

The foreign percentage of the Hessian city of Offenbach’s population is 32 percent, 55 percent of the total population has foreign roots. Here, open anti-semitism is now practiced in a totally cavalier way. Menachem Mendel Gurewitz (little photo), rabbi of the Jewish fellowship located there was insulted and hemmed in by a crowd of “young […]

Nonie Darwish is the daughter of Mustafa Hafez, the former head of intelligence in Gaza during the time of Egyptian control over the coastal strip. Back then, Hafez foudned the Fedajeen, the first islamic terror group there, which carried out attacks on Israel’s southern border between 1951 and 1956. Hafez was killed with a letter […]

The greatest event outside of the land of Israel in which Israel and Jewishness is gleefully celebrated is and remains the just recently renamed “Celebrate Israel Parade” mega-event along 5th Avenue in New York. It happens this time with extensive organization by around 40,000 marchers and yet several hundred thousand more spectators with large participation […]

How often do we hear that Abraham is the patriarch of the Jews, Christians and Moslems. Then there are such phrase constructs as “Abrahamic religions” that truly all believe in the same God and should tolerate each other mutually. Abraham, called Ibrahim in Islam, had two sons, Ishmael and Isaac. According to Judeo-Christian tradition, Ishmael […]

The article “Bavaria’s Constistutional Defense Monitoring Islamophobes” by Patrick Guyton has been noising about through various regional newspapers in Germany for two weeks. Saturday before last, PI addressed this in a comment, but since Der Tagesspiegel published it yesterday (6/1), and the accusations there in are against the core troop of the FREEDOM Party (Ger.: […]

Back in March, a report by the UN made it known that there were hardly any health injuries through the damaged nuclear Fukushima facility in Japan. Now the organization has submitted a concluding report. According to it, the accident caused neither a fatality nor did it lead to a higher risk of cancer. Of course, […]

“So that climate protection doesn’t fall by the wayside at running events, E.ON is now starting a project that will set up measures of sustainability in the area of Green Sports: The first climate-neutral series in the nation” – with these words, the DAX company E.ON issues an invitation to the press conference over “climate-neutral […]

Mr. Brok, Die Deutsche Welle quotes you as German EU parliamentarian and president of the Foreign Committee of the European Union in their online edition on 5/27/2013 as follows: “[The updraft of the EU skeptics] also has to do with the fact that politics have become a problem of credibility altogether.”

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