Mr. Brok, Die Deutsche Welle quotes you as German EU parliamentarian and president of the Foreign Committee of the European Union in their online edition on 5/27/2013 as follows: “[The updraft of the EU skeptics] also has to do with the fact that politics have become a problem of credibility altogether.”

(Short letter to Elmar Brok by le waldsterben)

You are attempting to explain why to us. That, of course, must fail, since you yourself apparently haven’t comprehended at all where the problem lies. For this reason, I would like to explain it to you briefly from one of your statements. Furthermore, you said in particular:

[I am afraid], “… that populists with xenophobic phrases can make a score a point. The UKIP party, which is critical of Europe, and which even wants to leave the European Union, now preoccupies itself more with migration and xenophobia. Such populists always take up just the issue that befits them in order to create fear in the people and thus, to sow hate further.”

And now, please write behind the mirror that which will spare us citizens of Europe of such a completely brainless blubbering of a totally overpaid and completely useless EU apparatchik:

1. The UKIP and other critical parties don’t CREATE fear in the people, rather recognize that they HAVE fear. (And they have it for pretty good reasons!)

2. The taking up of problems that worry the people, IS NOT a typical example of hate. The killing of a person in broad daylight in the middle of a European metropolis and the following chopping off of the head with an axe on the other hand IS a typical example of hate.

That isn’t too hard to recognize and doesn’t even exceed the intellectual capability of a child. Why then is it a difficulty for you?

Wit the inability to give such an individual a friendly greeting,
I remain

a concerned citizen who MOST DEFINITELY will go vote!



Posted by PI / Translation: Anders Denken

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