The Bavarian Administrative Court issued a suspending action to the urgent motion filed by the PWB Office of Attorneys in Jena for Bavaria FREEDOM. With this, the prohibition of photography and filming for the participants of the rally now off the table, likewise the decibel limitation for the speeches. A couple of exceptions: During the midday pause from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m., the volume of 55 decibels will be kept. The FREEDOM Party can live with this.

(By Michael Stürzenberger)

This decision is a good sign. It means that not everyone in Munich falls into conformity about the issue of explaining what Islam is. If the requirements by the Munich District Administration Office had gone through, this would have meant a complete gagging of FREEDOM. The volume of 55 decibels, according to statements by professionals corresponds to that of a normal conversation. With this, the inconvenient facts regarding the European Center for Islam (ZIEM), Imam Idriz and Islam would, therefore, have been thwarted from being made available to a greater public.

Poster: “Stop Islamization.” Overhang of booth: “No Mosque at the Stachus. Signatures here.”

The ban on photography and filming would have entailed, among other things, that FREEDOM would no longer have been able to document the many threats, insults, aggressive gestures and also physical attacks on the part of counter-demonstrators. A securing of evidence of criminal offenses would then have been no longer possible on our part. The city of Munich apparently wants to keep the threatening actions of many “enrichers” and left-wing extremists from being made visible. The Bavarian Administrative Court has made a clear sign with its rejection of this forced measure.

The counter-demonstrators already indicated last Wednesday at the rally by FREEDOM in the shopping zone how triumphantly they would go about celebrating these attempted limitations: One ran around constantly with a volume measuring device and was already testing the whole surveillance. Another held up a sign: “55 Decibels!”. A third one had a stopwatch in hand and reported nearly every minute the length of the speeches. All these figures would have had a gleaming career with the Stasi [Translator note: former East German State Security]. Thanks God, the Bavarian Administrative Court put the bars on this capricious action.

As it is, how the extreme leftist street guerillas go carting around in Munich is already unbearable enough. As soon as the Left / Red /Green elements find out that individual gathering of signatures for a citizen petition is going on, the hallway chatter at the office gets hot and the troops are ordered to the sites so that they can make it impossible for the signature gatherers to talk with citizens. Last Saturday, for example, seven leftist gothic-clad individuals surrounded me and constantly shouted “He is a Nazi,” and threatened those who came by as well as me. It was only by an assignment of police that I was able to be liberated from this siege. Munich has become the headquarters for a Stasi 2.0. Films of this unbearable bullying and the impermissible hindering of a democratic citizen request will follow soon.

Antifascist counter-demonstrator holding flag that says “Keep your environment clean”

More photos of the FREEDOM rally at the Munich Orleansplatz prior to the last one:

Counter-demonstrator center is holding a sign saying “Munich is diverse (colorful).” Banner reads: “Antifascist Action.”

FREEDOM (DIE FREIHEIT) workers facing counter-demonstrators

Islam = Peace?

The great banner of FREEDOM: “White and Blue is colorful (diverse) enough for us / Bavaria FREEDOM / CITIZENS’ RIGHTS PARTY FOR MORE FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY”

Keep your environment clean

Left: “Islam – No Thanks.” Center: “Citizen Petition: No mosque at the Stachus! Signatures here with me!” Right: “Europe Identitaires”

Michael Stürzenberger at the mike

(Photos: Roland Heinrich)

Posted by byzanz on PI / Translation: Anders Denken

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