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Archiv für den August, 2013:

Ahmed Akkari, a former imam from Lebanon, grown up in Denmark (on the right in the picture next to Islam explainer Lars Hedegaard) reports something shocking: “The truth is that not one single mosque or Muslim organization in Denmark exists that isn’t run by islamists. As soon as one enters the house of the devout, […]

A party with the catalog containing the critical issues of immigration, islamization, EU and other uncompromising conservative ideas is entering ultra-do-gooder Sweden national parliament with 20 representatives. A sensation that we in Germany seldom hear and if we do, then only with the muzzles of nazism and racism. And the tried and true “bell of […]

Four Katyusha rockets were fired from Lebanon today at the north of Israel (graphic). One of them was intercepted from the “Iron Dome”; the airspace over Haifa had to be closed. Fortunately nobody was injured, but three shock victims had to be brought tot he Nahariya hospital. Israel is of the assumption that the radical […]

Women in Islam are placed under brutal subjugation. They are to be beaten when they are headstrong (Koran, Sura 4 verse 34), to be sexually available to their husband anytime he wishes (2:223), to be locked up until death in the case of infidelity (4:15), are only half as valuable (4:11 & 2:282), are a […]

Although two weeks have passed since the burning down of the Willehadi-Kirche in Garbsen, there is still no official statement from the Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD). For the EKD, the first ever incineration of a Christian church in Germany is not worth even a small press release. And even its Chief Executive Officer, Chairman […]

“Täschligate” is playing in Zurich. Black female Oprah Winfrey, who has been made into a billionaire on US television with blah blah, wanted to look at a crocodile purse for 35,000 francs on Zurich’s Bahnhofstrasse, and the sales clerk allegedly refused to take it out of the case on racist grounds and wished to show […]

OPEN LETTER TO MUSLIM COUNCIL OF BRITAINAND ALL BRITISH MUSLIMS (Dear Reader: This letter is a 20–page indictment of Islam. It has been faxed to CAIR and the MUSLIM COUNCIL OF BRITAIN. Since Emails very seldom get read – Please copy and fax to your Congressman/Elected Representatives, religious leaders (espically those who conduct Interfaith meetings […]

On Tuesday, a the JUMA project (“young, muslim, active”) started in Berlin, an image campaign seeking recognition of Moslems in Germany. An imam in the Hertha fan block shows the “fanatics”, a woman in tight jeans, with a religious statement at the head of the “head-covered woman” and one covered in the garden, the “foreigner.” […]

Every female Turk is to bear three children for her Führer. This demand by the highest chief of all Turks – also those living among us – was reported yesterday by FOCUS, and we find ourselves catapulted back to the worst chapter in German history. However, in islamic countries, as you know, it’s not seen that […]

On 30 July 2013, for the first time in Germany, a Christian church was burned to the ground in Garbsen, accompanied by raucous bawling and caterwauling of the arsonists and their sympathisers. This scenario automatically calls to mind 9 November 1938 when synagogues were burned down. At that time too, blatant malice and schadenfreude prevailed […]

Der Spiegel is once again telling us the fable that “migrants” decide the elections, and the CDU (Christian Democratic Union Party) is eating out of their hand. Meant here are Turks! Not to mention the fact that that the half of them, being without a German passport, aren’t allowed to vote at all; they perhaps […]

A video surfaced on the Internet that shows the outbreak of rage by a Moslem in the area around a FREEDOM rally at the Munich Stachus. It shows a deep look into the typical self-image of Islam: Moslems are never to blame, they are always victims, Islam means peace, others have waged wars, Islam has […]

From January to around mid-July 2013, around 9000 Chechens have come to Germany as asylum seekers. Among them are, besides members of mafia bands, leading heads of the islamist “Caucasus Emirate” terror cell as well, as Welt-Online reports:

It can be read the Washington Times that Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has made a long overdue step forward in the battle against the worldwide brutal persecution of Christians. After a Christian is killed every five minutes for his faith – each year more than 100,000 – the silence of the lambs most politicians in this […]

A holiday-greeting video with her favorite dogs has put a Malaysian woman in prison. Dog trainer Maznah Yusof (photo) was arrested Wednesday because she was accused of an offense against the religion, her attorney Latheefa Koya communciated. In the Muslim-dominated country, that can get a sentence of up to five years. In the greeting message […]

Freiburg Archbishop Robert Zollitsch (photo left) who at the same time president of the German Conference of Bishops is meddling in the election campaign. He hopes that the Alternative for Germany (AfD) doesn’t enter the Bundestag. “Our future lies in Europe and not in the return to the national states,” he told the Badisches Tagblatt. […]

“I wish for death and can’t wait to be armed with bombs and grenades” – such is the refrain of the song that Salafist Denis Mamadou Cuspert a/k/a Deso Dog a/k/a Abu Talha Al Almani uses to call for suicide attacks in a video released Tusday. The rumors that Cuspert was allegedly dead are also […]

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