Saudi Arabian airline “Saudia Arlines” takes absolutely no Israelis along. This scandalous business practice has been revealed now by an article by the Frankfurter Allgemeine (FAZ) after second division football team FSV Frankfurt announced the Saudis as a new promotional partner.

On the FSV web page, the new sponsor was euphorically announced back on 11/22 (the article has since been deleted and is still available only in the cache):

Second division football team FSV Frankfurt has joined in a partnership with airline Saudia Arlines. As an FSV partner, the partnership entails an airplane model as well as business seats in the inner area of the Frankfurter Volksbank Stadium. Moreover, an intensification in future expansion of collaboration is being worked out.

“FSV Frankfurt is a very interesting club whose familiar atmosphere and for whom those are accountable such as business leaders, trainers and team we find pleasing, and thus we would like to support them. We feel very well at the Frankfurt Volksbank Stadium,” said Fikry Altowayan, manager of Saudia Airlines Germany, Austria & Czech Republic.

“FSV Frankfurt is glad that to win as a new partner this famous airline, which is at home in the whole world,” stated Clemens Krüger, FSV Frankfurt financial manager.

“At home in the whole world” sounds like cosmopolitan and tolerant. The opposite is the case. FAZ writes:

“Germany is rightfully proud of being a democracy. That means respecting the human rights that are being trampled underfoot in Saudi Arabia. The FSV is selling these foundations cheap sponsor money,” Michel Friedman, former assistant president of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, told the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

Furthermore, he emphasized: “And Frankfurt is proud of being a cosmopolitan society. The sponsor of FSV with its boycott pushes for flight tickets to be refused Israelis, a most profoundly antisemitic and politically most problematic behavior. Saudi Arabia is a dictatorship, Israel a democracy in the Western sense – doesn’t all of this that matter to the FSV?”

Mrs. Charlotte Knobloch, president of the Munich and Upper Bavaria Israeli Cultural Community and vice president of the International Jewish Congress, says: “Sports clubs in Germany should in general be careful about which partners they work with. Sports stand for fairness, cosmopolitanism and tolerance in the battle against ostracism.” FSV Frankfurt is currently looking under great pressure for new donors. In club circles it is understood that one is glad for each sponsor.

The second league football team is now back-pedalling in a statement:

A week ago, second league football team FSV Frankfurt announced its partnership with airline Saudia Airlines. The FSV Frankfurt was unaware in this venture that, according to the press report on 11/29/2013 on, the new partner had taken on a discriminatory attitude and apparently will transport no Israeli citizens.

FSV Frankfurt stands for political neutrality, diversity and tolerance and would never knowingly enter such a partnership. Should the accusations prove true, the contract relationship on the part of FSV Frankfurt will of course be immediately discontinued.

Nothing here needs to be “proven true.” The FSV officials should simply have read the Wikipedia article about the Saudi airline carefully through before signing. Under the point “Criticism” there, it reads:

Persons who exclusively have an Israeli passport cannot book any flight with Saudia. This practice was made public and criticized by official representative of the City of New York, Bill de Blasio. Since Saudia runs flights to the John F. Kennedy International Airport, it thus violates applicable US American law. This law prohibits discrimination against passengers because of origin, religion, homeland, skin color or sex. For Israeli citizens, this practice would lead to problems in entry to Saudi Arabia. Saudia justifies this practice with the lack of political relations between Israel and Saudi Arabia

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(Photo above: At the signing of the contract at the Frankfurt Volksbank Stadium, l to r: Fikry Altowayan, Saudia Manager Germany, Austria & Czech Republic; Julius Rosenthal, FSV President; Abdullah Al-Ghanmi, GM Advertising & Promotion; and Clemens Krüger, FSV Finance Manager)

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