If one has spent a day like we did yesterday – in the shadow of the beautiful cathedral of Cologne, but under very unpleasant circumstances- it gives you something to brood about. One can surely speak of a success, when remembering that many people heard our words and have read our signs, but it is a success with a weird bitter taste. The police have knowingly exposed us to violence and aggression by angry Muslims and have only towards the end, when very many attacks had already happened, somehow done their job – but by their inaction, they have consciously put health and life of our demonstrators to a severe risk.

(By Sebastian Nobile)

About 50 people came to support us on this difficult matter (see announcement), which was organized in Cologne by our non-party, independent alliance against persecution of Christians. As distinguished speaker we could welcome Michael Mannheimer. In addition, councillor of the City of Cologne, Jörg Uckermann from Pro Köln, joined us for the good cause as he had already done at our last rally. So for the moment, we were able to provide people with information in a quiet atmosphere.

The police stayed discreetly in the background and there were no cordons, which was quite useful for our purpose because you can get in touch with the people.

However, even in the most risky situations police still remained in the background, so we were completely left on our own and had more contact that afternoon than some of us were looking for. I witnessed some physical attacks by angry Muslims for example against my girlfriend, but also against Jörg Uckermann and others. I even partially had to ward off some attacks myself, and one of our stewards had to push an aggressive guy to the ground who wanted to damage our speakers. When things became more and more tumultuous and threatening, for some hysterical Muslim men and women started hitting, screaming and attacking our protesters, I asked the police a several times, via our speakers, to finally protect us. Though I told them about the attacks, there happened… nothing.

For another 15-20 minutes nothing happened except that the assaults went on, and then things developed as they had to. While I was speaking on the microphone, an apparently left slob ran towards me, grabbed the microphone and smashed it on the floor. Trying to escape up the stairs to the cathedral, I ran after him and dragged him to the ground. Suddenly, police woke up, wrestled both of us to the ground and one officer said to me: „Are you calm? Are you calm?” I think I was the only calm person in this situation, but since I had to expect that the police would have continued to just stand by, I had instinctively used my law to get hold of this guy – a law everyone has in Germany. And that was just the right thing because otherwise this guy would have been off and away. However, I will now face a charge for “intentionally hurting someone” That’s probably because I’m so outspokenly dangerous, with a mad glint in my eyes and my threatening, chubby appearance. For the next quarter of an hour I was then surrounded by at least twelve -now very brave- policemen, while they checked my ID.

(Watch 2nd video from 3:30 min)

Many of us were concerned due to these incidents. I keep asking myself whether it is purposeful to risk an uproar in order to make people aware of the persecution of Christians, or if it’s that what it needs. Anyway, what was our crime? How have “provoked”? – as a cocky official explained to me, who virtually told me that we would have to reckon with all this, if we would provoke. We have mentioned facts, revealed uncomfortable truths and we have brought one of the main reasons for the persecution of Christians in this world on the agenda: Life and teaching of the so-called prophet Mohammed and the imitation of thousands of his followers that take the calls for prosecution of the “infidels” literally. Of course we have also mentioned the persecution in Communist countries, and we have often stressed that it is not about to rush against Muslims. All of this does not seem to matter, as everyone knows who has taken part in a demonstration once, where Islam has been criticised.

One of the protesters reports:

“There were scuffles. At that moment police should have acted. L. was punched. Even a 72 -year-old woman was attacked by the Muslims. Two eggs were thrown. A policewoman watched idly and did nothing. Police did not want to protect this rally and its participants. If paving stones instead of eggs had been thrown, they also would not have been worried. It was obvious: We should back down. We should cancel the rally from fear. Only when it became clear that the participants would not relent, but would rather resist, police woke up. They only protected the Muslims. We were considered fair game…

That there were plenty of insults against us by parts of the Muslims, indeed, must not be mentioned. The typical: Nazis, Racists etc, but this time it was really bad, as an elderly gentleman was told by an African: “Hey, I f … your wife every day”, combined with some obscene gestures. Showing the middle finger is almost mandatory. Of course, the police saw it, and of course it had no consequences for the offenders. An African guy danced in front of the speaker, wiggling his abdomen. Conditions in this country have already become indescribable.”

Parts of Mannheimer’s speech before things turned ugly:

Aggressive Muslims – part 1:

Part 2 (from 3:30 min watch incident – smashed microphone and arrest)

35 minutes parts of three speeches and disturbance

Many of the participants of our rally on Saturday were shocked by what they had experienced. I’d like to apologize for all of this. I’m sorry that they were exposed to danger. I ‘m used to these conditions, because the aggression and hatred of Muslims incompetent to criticism and left-wing extremists accompanies each demonstration, where I am.

However, I would have wished that yesterday we could have presented things peacefully and comprehensibly to all passers-by. I am sad that in the end such a tumult had to arise. I am struck by the infamy of this type of “policing tactics” and my knee hurts while I’m sitting here because it got hurt pretty much on the stairs.

That was the third-worst police operation I have ever seen. But we will not be intimidated. We bring this issue even further onto the agenda, because otherwise it will only be done by a few others and small groups, but it is necessary that people are aware on what scale persecution of Christians actually happens, what causes it and what they can do to help. Once more: Thank you to all the helpers who made this rally possible after there had been some organizational difficulties first. For the video recordings we thankfully credit the “Aktiven Patrioten” (active patriots)!

So we hope that next time as many will come as yesterday or even more!

(Original in german / Translation Carpe Diem)

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