Anyone observes the trends of the time who without blinders on regarding Muslim immigration and infiltration and leftist politics in our country must recognize that simply a vacuum here is being filled that we ourselves have created. This is an inconvenient fact that nobody wants to hear, but that we must pose to ourselves. Even Nature abhors vacuum, the gardner knows that because otherwise he wouldn’t constantly have to be pulling out weeds in order to keep the ground clear, and anyone who has understood the principles of osmosis knows this as well.

(By Pythagoreer)

When referring to islamization and leftist decadent currents, not only is the demographic vacuum of the authochtonic German population meant here, but the spiritual vacuum that we as Christians have produced. Outer signs of this are: The churches are becoming more and more empty on Sundays (and workdays anyway); holidays that the churches have given to the people are being used for extremely late sleeping, short trips, sports and other free-time activities instead of serving their core idea of intellectual and spiritual edification, of inner reflection and spiritual strengthening in the remembrance of God. Vacation destinations are being relocated to Muslim countries that one as a Christian ought to avoid out of solidarity with the fellow believers being persecuted there instead of enriching the national economies there with good money. Christian holidays are being secularized and watered down by Christians themselves, by degrading them into drinking and eating orgies, and striking ignorance regarding the meaning of the holiday is the rule.

The tragic-comical results of the regularly held surveys in Germany’s bustling shopping zones before the high holidays give an eloquent witness of the condition of pure knowledge regarding these things; one is now either religious or also simply just very generally educated. To mention a current example, hardly anybody can clearly distinguish between Advent and Christmas anymore, instead certain silly commercial figures like Santas and Easter bunnies are ever-present in the public arena. “Christmas symbols” are already in supermarkets beginning in September in the commercialization of this Christian holiday; a lethargy of habit has long since spread like a shroud over the country. Revealing terms like, for example, “pre-Christmastime” instead of Advent (from Latin adventus = coming) reflect a far reaching ignorance of the elementary spiritual-theological substance of our own Christian roots, the Spekulatius (cookies) in September are simply an external outgrowth of this deep-lying disconnectedness. The list of examples could go on without end.

And just as little the amount of fundamental social core competencies that are being required by the education system – one thinks of the unspeakable discussions about the institution of top notes –, so the churches are also demanding absolutely less of their believers under the deceptive assumption that they will only further irritate them otherwise, for which most certainly the opposite would be the case. Clear lines, points of orientation, are lacking; but what does one expect, when in the churches all over, Christmas oratorios are being performed already on 1st Advent? The problem of the clear addresses and the boundaries affects content as well as practice. That which is branded clearly as sin and damaging for the soul in the contents of the Bible is being silently ironed out theologically just in order not to walk on anyone’s toes. Such is the way the leftist subversion of Christian teaching and virtues has functioned for decades, being accompanied with most profound insecurities on the part of the believers all the way to avoiding that a church be able to take a substantially clear stand and therefore not be able to be relevant as a guideline for one’s life. The tragic drama surrounding Bishop Tebartz van Elst gives eloquent witness of this; he stood against homo blessings, and now he is starting to feel that very club from a totally different side that is known always to lie with the proverbial dog. Nobody standing with both legs in the church seriously leaves the church because of a bishop; he is much more like a leaf long dead that the storm of the days sweeps away from the tree. And many of these dead leaves are seemingly still hanging onto the church tree, and they also will still fall, each one because of his own little gust of wind.

Islam is totally different here. It makes demands on its followers, the ultima ratio resonates in almost every Sura; nothing is watered down, relativized, thinned out, or glossed over socially. This is its strength, and it strikes our weakness. Islam fills this vacuum, is a clear simple guideline for simple minds, gives the feeling of security and strength in a large society. In the end effect it can’t be politically repressed for long because that would be a purely external blemish, rather only out of an internal, cultural and spiritual strength. We must ask ourselves the uncomfortable question: Where is this strength? Where is the intellectual and spiritual energy, and from where do we get it in the future? With self-mutilation discussions about celibacy, yes or no; about building projects worth millions by bishops, certainly not splitting hairs about such discussions. No less than the future of the coming generations is at play, and with it, the future of our Christian-Western culture.

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