According to their ideology, the vast majority of Muslims cannot take criticism. Even their timeless role model Mohammed killed many of his critics, including an old woman. She bound between two camels which were then driven apart, so the unfortunate woman was torn in two. Even today critics of Islam are regularly threatened with murder according to this tradition. Often this is also carried out as in the case of Theo van Gogh in Amsterdam, or attempted, as in the case of Mohammed cartoonist Kurt Westergaard in Denmark. The last attempted murder of a critic of Islam in Europe took place on 5 of February. The target was Danish historian and journalist Lars Hedegaard. In the FREIHEIT rally last Saturday in Munich-Neuperlach we could see once again how uncontrollable Muslim anger, aggression and violence may become. First, a shoe was thrown, then firecrackers. What’s next – Hand Grenades?

(By Michael Stürzenberger)

During the rally, a Muslim constantly showed me his middle finger. When I asked him to put it back to where it came from, a cascade of insults were his reaction:

“You bastard!”
“Come here, you son of a b*tch!”
“Shut up, you bastard!”
“I f*ck your mother!”
“F*cking Germans!”

At the peak of his defamation he took off his right shoe and threw it at me, which is presumably one of the most disrespectful things one can do in Islam. The video of the attack documents how the Muslim volcano begins to bubble when it’s confronted with factual information:

Of course, Germany needs to be enriched by such highly skilled immigrants, and so it is easy to understand why the German government continues to allow unimpeded family reunification, marriage of Muslims with people from their Islamic home countries and tolerates tens of thousands of asylum cheating Muslims. Of course, such people like the shoe thrower are only some very rare and hard to find exceptions.

To all the tolerance-drunken politically hyper-correct: A survey by the Bertelsmann foundation from this spring clearly revealed that 18 % of all Muslims think that their religion is incompatible with German society. About 85% of Muslims in Germany say they are “religious” or “very religious” according to a survey by the Institute of Islamic Studies on behalf of the Federal Ministry of the Interior. The criminologist Christian Pfeiffer pointed out in 2010: “The more religious, the more prone to violence.” How “relieving” that 60.2% of all Muslims born in Germany have attended a Quran school. The more time was spent there, the stronger the religiously fundamental orientation is.

Of course, in mosques the rancour- and hatebook Quran is being recited, but our irresponsible traitors politicians in Germany do not simply watch idly, they even promote the whole insanity by signing treaties with Islamic organizations, as it has already happened in Hamburg, Bremen and Hesse. In both Hanseatic cities (Hamburg/Bremen) three Islamic feast days are religious holidays in the future, where Muslim students are allowed to take a day off. In Hesse, Islam is already a school subject.

In addition, the religious communities may “serve” Muslims in prisons, hospitals and other institutions. Anyone who is informed knows that imams and other Muslim officials like to “proselytise” in prisons to recruit there particularly fanatical “true believers” for the jihad. Our reality-denying, appeasing politicians are permanently meeting demands for yet more implementation of the misogynistic and absurd Islamic way of life in our daily routine. Discussions between Islamic associations and the state governments in Rhineland-Palatinate, Saarland, Baden-Wuerttemberg and Lower Saxony are already taking place to also negotiate treaties.

In 2000, 27.2% of Muslim women in Germany thought that one should wear a headscarf in public, in 2005, there were already 46.6%. In Neuperlach (Munich) we observed on Saturday that for many very young girls it already has become the norm.

Thilo Sarrazin (former finance senator in Berlin, former board member Deutsche Bundesbank, author) could not have chosen a better title for the most successful non-fiction book of German post-war history:

“Germany abolishes itself”

The Islamic time bomb is ticking, and the population in the deprived areas must already pay the price, and the ruling sleepyheads will only wake up when the cities are already burning. It is time to sort things ourselves. The red generation of ’68 marched through the institutions – we begin the march into parliament!

(Photo: Roland Heinrich, Camera: Libero, Translation: Carpe Diem)

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