Kocaeli- A new hate-campaign against Christians is spreading like a wildfire on twitter, facebook and Turkish-speaking internet forums. Matter of excitement is a billboard in the Turkish City of Kocaeli. On the billboard (picture) one can read the question in Turkish: “Have you ever seen Christians celebrating the Feast of Sacrifice?“ Below imaged Santa answeres: “We have seen Muslims celebrating Christmas!”

(By Pârse & Pârse)

The Anatolian Jouth League of Muslims at the university of Kocaeli, AGD (Anadolu Gençlik Dernegi Kocaeli Üniversite), is responsible fort his billboard which can be seen in all districts of Kocaeli since mid-December.

This hate-poster in Turkey has the function to defame Christians and bemoans that Christians do not celebrate the Feast of Sacrifice. If such a poster with a suitable content against the lack of willingness of Muslims to integrate in Germany had been displayed, the outcry would have been huge. If any German, an average person or even Thilo Sarrazin, voiced qualified criticism towards foreign citizens, especially Muslims, who do not want to integrate, one would instantly be regarded as far right and would be criminalised and vilified as a fascist and racist. While in Turkey such hate-campaigns take place completely officially and uncriticized, Muslim students in Germany get the day off at the Feast of Sacrifice and Ramadan feast. They even may get their own prayer room and leave lessons for praying. They may wear headscarves. They can stay away from physical education lessons. Muslims are allowed almost everything, even building Megamosques.

None of the mainstream media thought it would be important enough to introduce this hate-poster from Turkey in a small article.

(Translation Carpe Diem)

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