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Archiv für den February, 2014:

A telephone conversation led in the middle of December last year between Turkish prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his son Bilal is putting the Turkish despot under great pressure. In the call, Erdogan tells his son put away large sums of money. Now the largest opposition party, the Republican People’s Party (CHP) is publicly […]

Because PI took the liberty of reporting on the planned building of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat sect in Buxtehude, NDR became interested in taking up the issue and asked PI via E-mail for a position:

The US has been known as the outpost of freedom of speech. Until now! Now it has been revealed that the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) has presented a plan by the Obama administration to inspect all editorial with regard to balancing of the reports. That means that all articles must take care of the special […]

SPON gives an excellent analysis of why the stupid Swiss voted for a limitation of immigration. Because, in contrast to the Alps Heinis, real geniuses are sitting around who only have to look at a place in the atlas in order to dissect it.

Iraq is regularly shaken by car bombs, countless innocent people die in the attacks. Now the attackers have blown themselves up by mistake. The were busy in northern Baghdad producing a propaganda film that was supposed to show how one carries out a suicide attack by means of a driving bomb. As the police communicated, […]

A majority of just over 50 percent of Swiss registered voters want to restrict the immigration into Switzerland in the future. This result of the referendum from last Sunday comes as no surprise for people who busy themselves greatly with Switzerland. However, the blind and deaf of those Swiss and Europeans, who don’t want to […]

In order to justify its right of existence, the Muslim Council of Demands Integration in Bonn must from time to time make proposals over “Everything that isn’t leftist and Muslim is right-wing extremist and must be banned,” for example, like here. Because the question of “How many right-wing extremists live in Bonn?” unfortunately can’t be […]

The Lower Saxony city Buxtehude is soon also getting its first mosque. The well-known Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat (AMJ), which has already achieved the status of a public corporation plans the building of the mosque on the Alter Postweg in Buxtehude.

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Die Kyoto-Uhr
Seit Inkrafttreten am 16. Februar 2005, kostete das Kyoto-Protokoll etwa
womit eine potenzielle Verminderung des Temperaturanstiegs bis zum Jahr 2050 von oC
erreicht werden soll. Man beachte: die Temperatur ändert sich im Milliardstel-Bereich, was offensichtlich in einem weltweiten Massstab nicht messbar ist. Mehr Informationen gibt es bei Junk Science.

Minority Report