The security authorities of Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia and Austria agreed in Zagreb Thursday to further transport the whole invasion in an organized fashion to Germany. The illegals are to be handled by the records department at the border of Macedonia and Greece and then brought further by rail over Serbia to Slovenia, on to the Austrian border at Spielfeld. From there they can then be passed on without limit to Bavaria. Persons from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq fall under this regulation. All others, that means those who still haven’t an idea where falsified Syrian passports are, must return to Greece or Turkey. Finally there will they find out how they can come upon false papers and also be transported to Germany a few days later.

Original on PI-German translated by Anders Denken

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  1. It wont be long before Germany is an Islamic country. I wonder what will transpire once Islam has all the power of a modern industrial state.

    Before that happens, I think it will be far better that Russia invades Germany and throws all Muslims and their collaborators out of Europe. Where they go is their business.

    Far better for Germany to be ruled by a Christian Russia then Sharia.

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