Back in October 2015 there was an indication that the costs in the healthcare sector would explode. The first zenith of Merkel’s unleashed sect-like mass hysteria of the so-called “Welcome Culture” fell during this time. “Welcome, welcome,” Merkel followers babbled in their appeal at the train stations during this time. And those invited gladly came and they’re further coming in great numbers. It was not seen that the increased costs were tied to this because it wasn’t felt. The contributions to the social funds for the health sector were just as high in October as in September or in August. That was enough to calm simple minds.

(Sarah Goldmann)

But, just like lightning, it was announced that in the current 2015 year and in 2016 projected with considerable increases were to be counted on in expenditures and correlating contributions. These would increase from 15.5 to 15.7 percent to be carried alone by employees. Die Welt on 10/14/2015 stated the reason for the increase a quarter ago as such:

Why is the rate of contribution increasing? The reason for this is the newly increased expenditures for healthcare. The experts at the German Federal Bureau of Insurance and the Federal Health Ministry and the government health funds believe that the funds will be short around three billion euros in the coming year.
The social insurance funds themselves expect considerable additive burdens in light of the planned reforms in healthcare by Health Minister Hermann Gröhe (CSU). In addition, all types of funds are now writing deficits. The reason is increased expenditures for clinics, physicians and medications.

Therefore, as support for the increases in cost, besides Gröhe’s reforms the price increases in the health sector were also mentioned. The prices go up because the prices go up: “The reason is increased expenditures for clinics, physicians and medications.” Ah-ha!

And why are the clinics spending more, and physicians spending more, and why are more medications being used? We didn’t have any kind of fallout nor did any nuclear facility explode, and there has been food, and even it is still gluten-free.

Up until the end of the year, the German Federal Republic took in at least 1.1 million illegal immigrants. That would, if one would put each one one meter behind another, make up the stretch from Hamburg to Frankfurt/Main and back. All these people not only have to eat and drink, many also have brought along a pile-up of untreated health problems, whether it be lacking vaccinations or a bad hip, bad teeth, scabies, hepatitis or whatever.

That costs a lot and none of them has paid even the first cent for it, at least over the years. Reckoning the magnitude of these expenditures in numbers is prohibited by political correctness and Madam Dr. Angela Merkel. She thought it chic to graze on good deeds that she in addition could order “her” land to do like back in the time of the Party Chairman. For Merkel, costs play no role if it deals with the national health of the refugees, and the dimwitted serfs don’t have to know all of that so precisely either. The press is playing along with it.

PI had already heralded it, and employee contributions will in fact increase with the beginning of the year. And of course, Merkel would gladly not continue making an issue of the causes. But the truth can’t be hidden for long, not in the age of the Internet (even when their little, nervous, fidgety censor man gives and has given every thinkable effort for his “leader.”).

And now its out that Merkel’s guests are showering the forcefully delighted Germans with a mountain of expenditures. The Frankfurter Rundschau writes:

Due to the influx of refugees, the government insurance pools are threatened with a high deficit without more contributions from taxpayer money.

This year already, a gap of several hundred million euros has opened because the government is transferring much too few fund contributions for refugees and other welfare recipients, the “Frankfurter Rundschau” writes in reference to its own research. In the coming year, the hole will grow to over a billion euros.

According to the report, refugees in the social system are considered equal with normal employees in the social system after a waiting period of 15 months. If they are unemployed they receive welfare benefits (Hartz IV). The have a claim to the complete benefits of the legal healthcare insurance. The employee contributions are paid by the German federal government. Among welfare recipients, this is around 90 euros a month.

Even in this portrayal, the attempt is made, though, to hide the true reason for cost increases by advancing the idea of the tardy and unwilling federal government as the reason for the increase in expenditures.

If it would transfer more money, then the deficit wouldn’t exist. And no problems with the sheltering either, or with “integration.” The government is under obligation; if it pays, then everything is OK, or so the trite opinion of dim-witted CDU mayor all the way to the left-wing fascist state politicians. “This costs nothing, the State will pay for it,” so Merkel intimate François Holland summed up this ruinous mentality. Until recently, Holland was one of the last followers of Merkelantism.

Original on PI-German translated by Anders Denken

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  1. In the UK, as you know, we have the NHS – free health care. As the costs are part of government expenditure, it is virtually impossible to get a true figure of the costs.

    The cost of all FGMs, and other culturally enriching operations are bourne by the poor tax payer. And if he complains, an armed police unit is likely to break his door down at 4pm, and throw the hate book protocol (1984) at him.

    What exact benefit we get from millions of Muslims beats me. And even of there is, it is more then offset by the security measures, loss of economic investment due to the threat o suicide bombs, and the general degradation of the area where Muslims live.

  2. @ DP11 #1 Many Germans have no access to free healthcare. Yes, even self employed but struggling folks often can’t afford the insurance premium. Leading economists talk about “Immigration into the German welfare systems” and arrive at a net loss of 450.000 Euros per capita in their lifetime.

    Last year, ~ 1.1 million came but only 58.000 left (27 k voluntarily, 21 k were deported). Many times more simply ignore the order to leave while collecting benefits. Yep, the gubment PAYS criminal overstayers!!

    Recent articles show that 77% have no papers. Then there are those with fake documents. (The president of Mazedonia bemoaned in a recent interview the lack of support by the EU. His officers confiscated more than 9,000 fake passports and have been trying to pass on names of djihadists and suicide bombers). About 10% have forged documents. Henceforth, less than 15% can be deported. NO VERIFIED IDENTITY? NO DEPORTATION POSSIBLE :—-(

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