On Thursday evening, a bus with invaders appeared in the Clausnitz township Rechenberg-Bienenmühle in Middle-Saxony. Around 100 citizens weren’t ready to accept the sheltering of the asylum seekers without question and blocked the entryway to the shelter, some with cars. The bus, however, stopped before there and the people made their irritation loudly known.

The asylum seekers refused to leave the bus despite the 30 police officers present. After some back and forth with hysterical head-covered Moslems and their prodigy, one of the police officers apparently decided to make an end to the fuss and pulled a stubborn boy fighting with hands and feet from the vehicle with a police grip and carried him into the house. Since then all hell has broken loose. In the Press of Lies, the talk has been that of “a brutal approach” and punitive treatment of officer.

Even on Thursday night a cellphone video was uploaded on the Facebook page “Döbeln wehrt sich – Meine Stimme gegen Überfremdung (“Döbeln is fighting back – My voice against foreign infiltration”) that shows the scene:

In the meantime, the Facebook page was blocked in accordance with the Maas dictatorship of thought. It is also going around on the page of the Saxony police. The “better people” and the “welcome gossipers” have shown up to accept apologies from the police. The lynch-mob media are also in agreement, a crackdown must be done here.

Der Spiegel writes:

The impression that pushes through when looking at the images: The police are acting ruthlessly with the threatened refugees, the crowd standing around is allowed to drool without penalty, and intimidate those arriving.

Of course, what doesn’t add up is that the officers took 13 complaints against the demonstrators. The same writer of the article proves this in a screenshot of the Saxony police Facebook page, itself just a few lines higher.

The BILD draws drooling attention to it in lynch-like fashion:

The faces and the markings of a few officers can be clearly recognized on the video.

And further rejoices:

Saxony’s Green chief Jürgen Kasek has meanwhile announced charges against the police officers involved. The district attorney said via Twitter: “The officers may have made themselves liable for prosecution under Paragraph 430 Physical Harm in Office.” In addition he demands that “the pressure must increase on the interior minister and the Saxony police. Resignations are overdue.

Long overdue is an end to the government-staged invasion. And as for the police, an officer simply did his job here in our opinion. Such operations aren’t group therapy sessions for hysterical Moslems who don’t feel pampered enough. They allegedly come from completely “terrible war situations.” It should be said that they have experienced far worse than having to leave a bus while being protected from by 30 officers from 100 “We are the people” shouters.

Original on PI-German translated by Anders Denken

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