Super Sunday election analysis: German AfD proves it is unquestionably the third, if not the second, party of Germany

Results analysis: Sachsen-Anhalt

With 24.2% the AfD comes in second, shutting out Merkel’s coalition partner, the SPD, by more than double. More than that, they literally took votes from every party across the board, though in particular from the SPD and the extreme left.

Notice also that the FDP didn’t make it into government, and that if the Greens hadn’t squeaked in, it may have been impossible to form a government without AfD participation. The SPD came not just third, but fourth behind the extreme-left Linke party, which can only add to their humiliation. Overall, pollsters underestimated support for the AfD by between 5 and 10%.

Now the most likely scenario will be that there will be a coalition of strange bedfellows among the CDU, SPD and Greens. This will look similar to the ruling coalition in Sweden, where its only purpose is to shut out the populist Swedish Democrats.

Of course, completely ignoring the will of the voters will have its costs, and you can expect the AfD to offer spirited opposition.

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