Big success for all those opposed to the EU: The Dutch have voted in a referendum with 64 percent of the votes against an EU agreement with the Ukraine. After the count of all the votes, the participation came to 32 percent, thereby reaching the 30-percent mark and validating the referendum. PVV president Geert Wilders showed enthusiasm for the result: “It looks like the Dutch people have said no to the European elite and the Ukraine. That is the beginning of the end of the EU,” Wilders twittered.

Die Welt reports:

[…] The clear result of the referendum puts the government in a bind. Prime Minister Mark Rutte already announced: “If the referendum is valid, then we simply can’t ratify the agreement.”

But what happens now? Does the right-liberal premier have to retract his signature and call for new negotiations in Brussels? That would be an embarrassment for the Netherlands who presently hold the EU Council Presidency.

The coalition can’t ignore the voice of the people. That would be oil on the fire for Euroskeptics. Rutte and his social democratic coalition partners also have to act. Because in the coming early part of the year a new parliament will be elected. According to the polls, both governmental parties will have to count on great losses and the country even threatens to become unregistrable with an election victory by Wilders. Because the usual parties reject a collaboration with the right-winger – provisionally. […]

With the EUSSR like we know it, the association agreement with Kiev will be ratified in spite of the clear vote by the Dutch.

Original on PI-German translated by Anders Denken

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  1. Hearing a Dutch politician say how he considers the Ukraine as unimportant was refreshing. Another deeply troubled and financially sick country to become a burden to the few remaining net payers of the EU-SSR? No, thank you!

    Note how the elite hates referenda?

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