We live only as freely as the Muslims allow. A provoking subject admittedly. But if we are completely honest and reflexive about it, we conclude – that’s how it is. But, of course, there are the “small” liberties that are affected most of all. The quality of life in and of itself is suffering, spontaneity and nonchalance – that the children that grew up in the 70s and 80s – still know. Simply walking along the street and floating about, meeting friends, having fun. These days it’s not so easy anymore! Three differing examples from most recent time demonstrate this in the following lines.

(By Cantaloop)

1.) A young woman from Pforzheim expressed herself in the comment column of a well-known news magazine that she was stopped by her employer and asked to park her car in another park garage so that she would no longer need to go on foot through downtown Pforzheim should she have to work until 8 p.m. It has become “too dangerous” evenings.

2.) An “experiment” by the Berliner Tagesspiegel (magazine) in which a protagonist equipped with an Israel flag was sent to a Berlin football fan mile ended when a larger group of Arab-looking people set themselves about making it unmistakable to the flag-bearer and communicating with the best gutter language that if he didn’t disappear immediately, lasting consequences for his physical well-being could occur.

3.) The Turkish football team won Sunday during the European Championship with 2-0 against the Czechs. What happened next in the streets of large German cities causes the suspicion to arise that they hadn’t won just the game – but the whole championship. In Hamburg, for example, as many as 400 cars were counted honking loudly and decorated with giant Turkish flags that brought all of the traffic (!) to a standstill. Only late in the night did things “roll” again.

This is only a few randomly picked reports. And yet it can be immediately realized: these alleged 5% of the population dominate our everyday life, and most of all our nerves, quite a bit more than we would assume on first look. Anyone who has had to spend time in a hospital emergency room has to have also gathered relevant experience with regard to the animosities by Muslim citizens. Their needs have to be met – and indeed, immediately, otherwise “hell breaks loose,” so to speak. Being involved in a traffic accident in a large city where “devout ones” are part – regardless of whether one is guilty or not is now comparable to a nightmare. Even the police are often powerless when a larger and accordingly aggressively conditioned group of Islam people try to assert “their interests.”

For general bio-Germans quite often there remains only retreat – or cowardly appeasement for which those fighting faces of mostly Leftist and Green provenance passing through can certainly sing “their song.” On simply submits, one looks away, or simply doesn’t go where violence-eager young men from the Orient and Africa hang around. Even though that could have been done before without worry. Segregation is the immediate result. Disintegration the next.

With this, it is a matter of Islamic power, dominance and symbolism – they show their presence in the streets and increase daily. The “reinforcement” of so-called “youth bulges” from the Orient and Africa are ceaselessly rolling into our homeland. There is no end in sight. And their criminality has become only regulated, is no longer fought against.

In just a few years, Muslims will be mostly in the age groups of 15 to 24 years and, of course, among the population majority in large West German cities. If a “blue” miracle doesn’t happen before then…

Original on PI-German / Translated by Anders Denken

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