People can be friends, governments are never. In recent years, however, evidence is piling up that the US is not just not our friend but acting increasingly hostile toward Europe and Germany in ways that never existed in Cold War times. Of course, we are most welcome as countries of travel and import. And we wouldn’t want to do NATO under American supreme command in Washington, but economically and politically the desire is to weaken us. A few events that point to this:

Standard & Poor’s just reduced the credit standing of the European Union a level. A ridiculous operation because we are single countries. And as far as the trillions of debt of Obama’s US (yet with AAA ranking) is concerned, surely we aren’t any worse off.

On Thursday, Deutsche Bank was declared by the IWF to be one of the greatest systematic risks, and in the wagered 100 million dollars against the Deutsche Bank a few days before! All of this coincidence? Soros was also the one who aided in destabilizing the Ukraine, but only marginally!

An above-average number of European banks were thundered upon with above-average fines as high as billions in the US. Switzerland even joined in and also allowed a few of its private banks to become victims as well. The money made its way, so to speak, into Obama’s empty tills. US banks got away lightly! Neither the Swiss politicians nor ours defended themselves, the EU also didn’t. On the contrary, the EU wanted to do a similar rip-off.

And wasn’t it even a New York investment bank called Lehmann Brothers that incurred a debt of 70 billion dollars and because of whom the whole 2007 financial crisis started? Where were the American authorities then? Our banking system has always been more serious than the American.

Let’s move on now to the diesel and VW, and that is not the only company that has been and is being called large-scale and totally extravagantly to the pay desk. Customers were lavishly compensated, and the US government pocketed gargantuan fines, altogether 15 billion dollars.

Here in our country, no politician is fighting this, not one economic boss, no EU! Our customers are getting nothing, which is unfair but right because with a comparably calculated 100 billion euros “restitution,” VW would be rendered quiet more than once. The EU, though, wanted to get in on the act. Why wasn’t this clearly criticized and instead said that the US has gone mad!

Now it has occurred to the WELT that the US also intends to massacre our mega-company Bosch. It is still unclear just how things will continue in Dieselgate with Daimler and Audi. Yes, God in Heaven, when will we wake up? All of German industry apparently is supposed to go bust with gusto and with increasing assistance by the Americans!

There are other completely different things one can think of, for example, in the wars by the US against five Moslem countries from who all of Europa and most of all Germany are now flooded with refugees and thereby massively destabilized and weakened. Is all of this coincidence? Or one is mindful of the Ukraine, the NATO maneuver in Poland, the boycott against Russia. Russia of all countries! Who wants to make us into an enemy of the Russians?

It’s not necessary to go as far as Paul Craig Roberts, former vice-finance secretary under Reagan who ever smells conspiracies (see also Compact regarding this), but all of this is no longer clean. It is scary anymore. America, the wanna-be world ruler is no longer our friend, but our political and economic adversary!

The Brussels Big-Wig-ocracy could have earned merits and made themselves popular with the Europeans against these constant attacks on the part of the US, but instead they appear to be a helper of the Washington Big-Wig-ocracy. Soon they will slide on their knees before Hillary. I would rather have Trump a hundred times more!

Original on PI-German / Translated by Anders Denken

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