The Saxony Evangelical-Lutheran State Church has again revealed its most deeply anti-Christian opinion. The Commissioner on Questions Regarding Worldviews and Sects, Harald Lamprecht (photo), didn’t hesitate to sacrifice Bible-believing Christians on the alter of Islam. “As far as the endangerment of Saxon youth is concerned, radical Bible groups, for example, cause much greater problems than islamists,” the church official made known in an interview for the Dresdener Morgenpost newspaper on occasion of missing 15-year-old Linda Wenzel (PI reported).

Junge Freiheit reports:

The case of 15-year-old Linda Wenzel from Pulsnitz produced the the present opportunity for this statement. At the beginning of July, she travelled to Syria to join the militant terrorist group IS. In the interview that was published before the terror attack of Würzburg, Lamprecht saw no cause for concern in this. The portion of Saxon young people among the 810 IS recruits that travelled from Germany lies “in the lower single-digit area.”

Christian Fundamentalists Stronger

The Christian fundamentalists, in contrast, have experienced a far greater influx. They also strive for a “order commanded by God” that perforce places the relationship with democracy in question.” A similarly named study by the Heinrich-Böll Foundation backed up the “Evangelical in Saxony” in this.

Sect Commissioner Lamprecht last year identified the participants in the Pegida protests as the only disturbers of the peace and proposed the Moslems as allies in the battle against islamism.

The Evangelical Church is increasingly turning itself into a serious threat for the Christians in Germany. These hypocritical pastors are not only collaborating with the misanthropic Cult of Death but are also carrying out more and more aggressively their hate campaign against people faithful to the Bible and morality.

Original on PI-German / Translated by Anders Denken

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