A police officer in Dresden wished the Pegida demonstrators Monday a “successful day,” and in doing so intended nothing bad by it, but just wanted simply to be friendly. For Pegida, a “successful day” would also mean among other things to be able to appreciate the freedom of speech guaranteed by the Constitution freely and without attack by violent neofascists, of course without hassling someone else but through their own differing opinion.



The police neutrality these days means, due to the fact that critics of Merkel are to be encountered with iron-clad distance and contempt, a media storm by the Merkel party press has erupted over the government officer in Saxony. The poor police officer will be castigated for his courtesy and he will surely continue to have to atone for it.

The official occasion for the witchhunt appears to be more and more to be a pretext; something official has to be given. Among the demo participants, to quote the Süddeutsche Zeitung (SZ) were found “several neonazis.” Of course, the first thing one asks is could the police officer have known all of the alleged neonazis, perhaps from training at Kahane’s Amadeus-Antonio Foundation?

Or: If the SZ is supposed to have seen so many neonazis there, why didn’t they report them to the organizers or lodge a complaint right away? Propagation of National Socialism is prohibited in our country, and Pegida stands for that, too. Why then didn’t the SZ step in? Did the Süddeutsche not want the alleged neonazis to disappear or — much more likely — perhaps there weren’t any of them at all?

The reason the oily-slick, Merkel-serving press of lies is using this mantra-like neonazi reference in the context with the courteous police officer is quite obvious: It should never enter the mind of the normal newspaper-reading citizen that there are those like them in Dresden who week after week take to the streets to exercise peaceful protest. Otherwise some might possibly happen upon the idea of joining the resistance. And the normal police officers also who have secretly stood on the side of the Merkel opposers will have learned from the media inquisition: A “We wish you a successful day” announcement directed by a police officer to the people will never exist again in any case.

Original on PI-German translated by Anders Denken

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