As is known, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has liberated Aleppo from the Jihad warriors of Islam terror bands Al-Nusra and Islamic State with the help of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Now Christians can finally celebrate Christmas under the protection of modern-minded Alawite Assad without being bullied, persecuted and killed by islamic fundamentalists.

(Von Michael Stürzenberger)

On the blog “Freie Zeiten (Free Times)” it reads:

The residents of Aleppo in Syria are celebrating a large Christmas festival after the islamic rebels supported by the West were driven out of the city. The joy of the Christians who for the first time in many years can celebrate the birth of Jesus can be seen in videos on social networks.

Arab news magazine Al-Masdar News reports that Muslims are participating as well in the Christmas festivities and rejoicing with the Christians after the islamists were driven out of Aleppo. “This mutual celebration symbolizes the victory over the radical islamist powers,” the newspaper writes.

Syrian and Russian flags are being waved in the streets. Flags of the Shiite Hezbolla militia can also be seen. A brass band is accompanying the festive act all around the giant Christmas tree.

The Western mainstream media by contrast and in harmony with the Islam collaborators in politics like Merkel & Co. stubbornly intend to portray Assad and Putin as the ones to blame in the conflict and as war criminals. This makes it clear how massively these pretty much lock-step media are lying to us. The poignant commentary of a youtube user is documented on “Freie Zeiten”:

“What a joke. The mass media are telling us that Russia is evil, that Assad is a brutal killer and Hezbollah is a terror organization. If they are so bad, what the hell are the Syrian rebels and the American government?”

Anyone that supports Assad’s fundamental Moslem enemies is carrying out a criminal policy. Putin, on the other hand, is creating a stabilized and secure Syria. In the article by “Freie Zeiten” the following video of the Christmas celebration can also be seen:

Where Assad has control, Christians and modern-minded Moslems are safe. This map shows the zones controlled by the various groups:

2 IS-Zonen-2016-12-768x699

It is becoming clear that large parts of Syria are secure regions. Thus one asks, which Syrians have really “fled” to Germany? Assads enemies are fundamental and radical Moslems. If they settle in Germany they will islamically infiltrate our country. What ideas they have were shown at this mass demonstration last Saturday in Dortmund. They shouted loudly “Allahu Akbar” and waved the flags of the anti-Assad coalition:

The rest of the Syrians who have made the nearly 4500 km way to Germany through more than a dozen secure countries have all been able to be pure economic migrants and fortune seekers. Now all Syrian “refugees” really need to be sent from Germany back to their homeland.

The propaganda by the media and the invitation by Merkel and Co. have unleashed a true people migration. How brazenly the lies are being told in this was described recently by independent Canadian journalist Eva Bartlett at the “Against Propaganda and Regime Change in Syria” press conference at the United Nations (PI reported ten days ago). Upon inquiry by Norwegian journalist Christopher Ronneberg from Aftenposten as to how she could dare accuse the mainstream media over lying about the real situation in Syria, she explained how these reports would come about. Many media referred to the reports of the so-called “Syrian Office of Oversight for Human Rights” that is comprised of one single Moslem who delivers anti-Assad propaganda from the English Coventry:

3 Syrische-Beobachtungsstelle

Translation of above image: Hello, my name is Osama Suleiman*) and I am the Syrian Office of Oversight for Human Rights
*) alias Rami Abdul-Rahman
Yes, I ALONE, an Assad-hating, oppositional marketing expert in exile and emigrated to Coventry, I am pretty much the ONLY SOURCE for all of the horror reports about Syria in your “media of quality”!
For my main occupation, I run a clothing business, just come by and take a look!

This Osama Suleiman was formerly an engaged activist against Assad. One only has to look him in the eye to recognize how much “honesty” is really in this man. He has no need of a bad conscience in the falsification of reports because his “religion” explicitly permits for him trickery, deceit and lying when it serves the expansion of Islam.

In the following interview by RT, Vladimir Putin speaks about the stabilization of Syria so that the fate of Libya, Iraq and many other islamic states in the region don’t threaten him:

Assad described in great detail the liberation of Aleppo to a Christian reporter with RT (PI reported). The information from this interview stands in crass opposition to the mainstream propaganda. It is important to counter-check any report about Syria with other sources.

The Syrian conflict is accompanied with similar media lies as that of the Kosovo war at the end of the 90s. In both cases it was a matter of supporting fundamental Moslems. Israel knows quite enough about how much injustice the opponents of this aggressive Islam meet with by Western media. As an example this is how the fables of Pallywood are propagated there without criticism.

Starting January 20th, the US will support the battle against fundamental Islam under their 45th president. It is a blessing for the secure and far-reaching Islam-free future of Syria that Obama’s term is coming to an end because he most consciously supports the islamic terror bands so that they can depose Assad. The times of Islam collaborators could also be up in our country as well if Merkel falls in September.

Of course, Assad is not to be looked at without criticism. His attitude toward Israel and his federation with shiite Iran are especially concerning. But the chance is there that collaboration in Syria that may very well come from Trump and Putin might bring Assad to reconsider his attitude toward Israel especially.

Original on PI-German translated by Anders Denken

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