A Tunisian family in Meissen is near to being deported even though they are considered a model example for integration. But the German Federal Bureau for Migration and Refugees apparently can’t take that into consideration the “Sächsische Zeitung” writes. Second-class Selina produced an emotional video — her words tear the heart out. Such is the introduction by Focus of its video with which an “exemplary integrated family” from Tunisia is to be saved from deportation.

Although, we don’t find out in how much an exemplary way the parents have integrated. Are they actually working, are they in the sports club, do they actually speak German better than the daughter? And if so, they are nonetheless in the country illegally, otherwise there would be no threat of deportation. How long the family has been unlawfully in Germany, whether they have been (often?) asked to leave and no follow-up was made, none of this is discussed any further. Focus, Selina’s family and an unknown number of refugee helpers rely totally on emotion in order to torpedo one of the few deportations that even has the outlook of succeeding. Here is Selina’s appearance:

My name is Selina from Meissen, class 2b. I would like to be a physician and work here in Germany. I don’t want to go to Tunisia because it’s totally stupid in Tunisia. And I would like to stay here because … maybe I’ll miss my friends. And my teacher. I don’t want to … I don’t want to lose them. I want to stay here. And I want to stay here so that I can have a very good life. I want to stay here in Meissen because it is totally cool here, but in Tunisia it is totally dumb and stupid. I want to stay here because I have no more words in Tunisia (sic).

Of course there should be sympathy for Selina since, she can’t speak Arabic anymore like so many who suddenly suffer from such a momentary loss of language with the threatening deportation. And the teacher, losing friends, who would want that now?

There are presumably thousands of German children who at this moment are threatened by a move to another city, a new school, new teachers, new friends. Who also have well integrated in their current place. May all of those now remain at home, kept away from the neighbors because the parents feel that a move to a new workplace, for example, or because the children want to become doctors?

All of that is nonsense, of course. Selina’s performances are nonsense, well prepared nonsense, and effectively staged, heart-stirring nonsense by the parents and the helpers. But we have to pay for that, Selina, we have to put up with you and your parents. Your parents’ duty would be to care for their and your means of living or for your later study. We don’t want that.

And if you should be a Moslem and later wear head covering and hold that against us at any opportunity, we don’t need that either. We don’t want it; with everything that is attached to this symbol of Islam, it isn’t our lifestyle. For all of these reasons, as well as the negative decision already handed down regarding your asylum, it is for all of these reasons that we want you to leave our country. And that, as quickly as possible.

Original on PI-German translated by Anders Denken

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