At a certain age, one is still not inclined to voice his emotional state and wishes in a cultured fashion with others, to negotiate, to argue, to give in, to be the wiser one. Children learn this slowly in kindergarten, after schooling most in our civilized society manage to do so. Exceptions reinforce the rule; such a one is called Anke Domscheit-Berg (photo).

Domscheit-Berg claims to have been employed with McKinsey as a business consultant; now she is a “Net activist.” Hadmut Danisch looked wisely into her alleged work activity. Politically speaking, Domscheit-Berg bedded around elsewhere when her old place would become too unfavorable. Thus originally, she was at home with the Greens, then with the Pirate party as it became big, and when the Pirates lost more and more under the McKinsey manager, she jumped on board with the Leftist party.

With what kind of arguments does such a person grapple that constantly changes her political home, at what level does such a person act? In the comment area on PI, the criticisms over whether such a cluelessness and naiveté displayed on Anne Will a year ago was catastrophic.

But Anke can do differently and we return to the starting point of the observations. Those who have nothing to say reach for other “arguments,” with Domscheit, it’s her fingernails. And for the effort in her Women’s Lib claws she now gets a fine of up to 600 euros. :

Net activist Anke Domscheit-Berg has been given a fine of 600 euros. The Berlin-Zoo district court pronounced the former Pirate and Greens politician guilty of bodily injury.

Anke Domscheit-Berg allegedly caught a policewoman with her fingernails in a vigil for drowned refugees in the Mediterranean Sea. The injury was preceded by fight over a bouquet of flowers. The skirmish led to a small scratch wound. But the police woman also saw this as a petty matter.

The defense intends to file legal means against the decision. Domscheit-Berg who would like to candidate for the Brandenburg Leftist Party in the 2017 parliamentary election is hoping for an acquittal. Originally she was charged with hitting a police officer’s camera with the bouquet and poking through an open helmet into the face of another officer with the flower stems.

Yet another thing is striking about Anke Domscheit-Berg. Like her “net activist colleague” Sascha Lobo she likes to adorn her head with a glaring red beacon so that she can be better noticed. Also a possibility at compensating for lacking intellect.

Original on PI translated by Anders Denken

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