Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump raises his arm as he leaves after a rally Friday, June 17, 2016, in The Woodlands, Texas. (AP Photo/David J. Phillip)

If you might need a reason to have sympathy for the Donald J. Trump phenomenon, you’d find plenty in the reaction by the legion of his enemies. The orgasmic hate that spews here does not come from “goodness.” This rage calls more to mind the rejects from Hell. DJT not only hits a raw spot, he hits the mark.

(By Marcus)

Where all the infernal outrage is fixated is on the number 1 subject — immigration, borders.

Mass-immigration from poor to rich, third world to first world, black to white is the central element of a secular belief of redemption that was still finding an articulated expression up until a few decades ago in Marxism.

The Marxist theory is actually no longer quoted, and “scientific” socialism has in the various left-wing radical projects sunken down into social-utopian delirium.

The contrast between rich — “exploiting” — and poor — “exploited” — countries is the contemporary from of class warfare that corresponds with the condition of the development of productive forces in a globalized economy.

As a revolutionary subject, the masses of “poor” whose revolution consists of them streaming into the countries of the “rich” are to demand “participation” or take revenge for historical injustice. They still aren’t such a completely emancipated subject, though. They still need leadership by means of the avant garde of an elitist white leftist.

The idea that the power of the government is supposed to break the resistance of the indigenous “bourgeoisie” against border removal and disenfranchisement due to the social-revolutionary immigration of poverty corresponds with what was once the role of the government and the dictatorship of the proletariat in realizing socialism.

Long-term goal is still much like that of communism. Those — still — prospering societies are to be denied the right of protecting their wealth as their own. The principle of everything belongs to everyone and everyone has a right to
everything becomes enforced with the massive immigration of poverty as the greatest social-ethical doctrine.

Thinking one step farther, a “metaphysical” motive even shows itself: The dark push toward undifferentiated, the unity of all things furrowed by small border lines into which everything must dissolve that yet continue to stand apart culturally.

Perhaps it is this delving into the religious, mystical deep-reaching dimension of the discussion over the great provocative subjects of the nearly heretical appearing fanaticism that the SJWs (the “Social Justice Warriors”) declare in their spectrum — from the rioting left-wing rabble all the way to the frothing TV commentator.

According to them, whoever resists the great transformation endangers the redeeming and perfecting work, is an enemy of humanity, ever the sleazy rogue.

Which would bring us back to DJT and, since the talk was actually that of the great unity of all things, the next raw spot that he hits and thus becomes a scandal, namely the resistance against globalism: “There is no such thing as a global anthem, a global currency, a global flag. This is the United States of America that I am representing.”

In spite of the usual horror propaganda, it is not a problem of “isolation” or lack intellectual properties for recognizing global “complexity.” It is a truism that everything is somehow connected with everything. DJT, due to his career, probably deals more with this than the less complex provincial globalists from the Green-German red wine area.

Globalism is repudiated as an overambitious stride in which “the person” — represented by his illuminated elite — transcends the encompassing complexity of the world through a collective act of will and is able to submit the complex “world” to his calculating regiment.

Ironically, this very lack of understanding for the impenetrability of complexity is what lies at the foundation of self-overestimation. “Those who simplify” are, of all people, those who incessantly warn the complexity of the world against the “populists” and cite the following as a pretense for their one-world omnipotence fantasies:

Climate, population development, global economy, distribution of wealth — all of it should be able to be optimized through fine tuning by central planning. All that is necessary is a few supranational authorities, multitudes of officials, a gigantic budget, mainframe capacities, hosts of “experts” and state apparatus on site as the executor.

Under the visible hand of “global governance” and of “global management,” the world, as the great vision would have it, should become politically and administratively one ball, the all-encompassing unit, the real existing totality.

The complete power of super power USA is the resource from which the global megaproject draw. And now, shortly before the end victory, out of nowhere comes this populist bully and screws up humanity from making the jump to the next higher level of evolution — and to the world spirit of opportunity of finding its way to itself.

DJT stands as the one who has lifted himself up against the “establishment.” As such, he is seen as a rebel. But he is not a “radical.” Actually, he is the embodiment of the current resistance against the hubris of the global regime of revolution that would like to reinvent the world and mankind.

Panic has broken out among the elite — the revolutionary elite. A tangible counterrevolutionary has taken hold of the most neuralgic point of the “New World Order” who is signaling with “America first” that he does not see the purpose of his country as that of transcending to a global utopia and losing itself in that purpose.

Short and sweet: “A nation exists to serve its citizens.” Nothing less and nothing more. The one who governs is bound to the common good of the domain entrusted to him as a faithful administrator.

It still remains in the unfathomable counsels of God how this humble action will eventually be arranged in the supposedly narrower horizon of universal history. Let God be the judge of the completion of the world and world history.

Video – “Why they hate him”:

Original on PI translated by Anders Denken

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