The battle against freedom of speech in Germany has reached a new dimension. The Facebook profile of Lebanese-German filmmaker, screenwriter, Islam critic and television journalist Imad Karim was completely erased by Facebook [on 4/13]. Beirut-born Imad Karim knows the crisis areas in the Middle East like no other German-speaking journalist. He reported live on-site over many years for ARD, ZDF and a few private networks, among others, but mainly from Lebanon and from the Lebanese-Israeli border.

This has enabled him to make an expert, profound and brutally honest evaluation of the islamization of Europe and the radicalization of Islam in the Middle East.

What should especially be emphasized here is his engagement for religious freedom of atheists, Christians and Jews in the Islamic countries. In this, the social networks play a large role.

His clear position, with which thousands are reached in daily commentaries and thus giving a voice to those people who are enslaved and disenfranchised by political Islam, has now led to the death sentence for its existence on Facebook.

The cyber-jihad could count as a partial new victory in the islamization of the Internet – thanks to Facebook!

This morning he had a friend post: “Since Imad at this time is unable to post, comment, like or answer private messages until May 12, 2017 (30-day lockout), he asked me to post for him the interview that he held with Nun Hatune Dogan.”

However, the protests against this lockout on Facebook have led not to understanding but rather to an increase of the hate against free speech and criticism of Islam. Because around 9 p.m. it beecame clear then:

Imad’s profile – with almost 5000 friends and 139 groups in which he was an admin, as well as the complete image archive – was simply erased from Facebook.

Even though we know that we have fallen into the crosshairs of the freedom-phobes, we will appeal with all determination against this scandalous process against Imad Karim.

And because it is clear to us at the same time that we could soon be the next ones.

We call on all of Imad’s colleagues, we call on those who need freedom like they need air to breathe, the artists, scholars, democratic politicians, believers in all confessions and atheists, those who work in the media and most of all all citizens to sign this call of protest with us! Resist the urges!

Dr. Naftali Neugebauer, Publisher and CEO of PRIKK.WORLD

If you wish to sign the protest as well, plese send your first and last name to one of the two following E-mail addresses:

Imad Karim responded today to our initiative and wrote. He would like to send cordial and thankful greetings to everyone:

Dear David,

Thank you that all of you have gotten involved for me and against this despotism.

(…) I am very thankful to you nad the others; you are doing a very good, democratic and constructive work as it pertains to this capricious erasure of my account and most importantly: Thank you and please greet everyone warmly for me, Imad

(The original article [German] can be read at

Excerpt seen on PI-German and complete article translated by Anders Denken

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