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Mayotte is an island group between Africa and Madagascar and has around 200,000 inhabitants, 95-97% of which are Sunni Moslems. Mayotte has belonged to France since 1841. In 1974, the Mahoris, as the inhabitants call themselves, voted against independence and for remaining with France. In a referendum in 2009, the island was integrated into the […]

The extremist Mohammedans governing in northern Mali have begun to destroy the still remaining mausoleums of islamic saints. “In Timbuktu not one single mausoleum will remain, Allah doesn’t like that,” Abu Dardar, a leader of the militant Ansar Dine islamic group, said Sunday to the AFP news agency. Hidden mausoleums were sought out and destroyed.

Geographically, France lies in Europe but, as new data indicate, demographically our neighboring country is drifting further toward Africa. France, different from the US, doesn’t do censuses from which ethnic affiliation can be extracted, rather they instead follow their ideal of a color-blind republic. This policy doesn’t change the ethnic reality in the country one […]

Persecution of Christians in Nigeria is becoming the unbearable daily routine. This Sunday three churches were on the list of the separatist islamists. Their objective is the separation of an islamic Sharia state in the north (Model: Islamic Sudan and, since 2011 separate South Sudan). The leader of Boko Haram justifies the newer attacks unashamedly […]

In Europe, attacks in Jews and Israelis are becoming more frequent. In France there was a brutal attack on three Jewish youths. In the attack, more than a dozen North African Mohammedans pursued their victims with hammers and iron rods.

It can hardly get any worse: Muslim zealots today sought out a Christian worship service among other things for their various bomb attacks against Christians. An attack was carried out against a Christian university in northern Nigeria where a devotional was taking place. In doing these things, regular pursuits against Christians are supposed to have […]

Christians are fleeing from the city of Timbuktu in the West African country of Mali where the Sharia has been instituted by “freedom fighters.” All churches in the area have already been destroyed. Timothee Yattara (photo), a Christian leader had to flee with his family to the capital city of Bamako, however he has no […]

Christians in the northern part of the country of Nigeria were given an ultimatum to leave the area. This is actually being attributed by the German to an islamic sect, Boko Haram, somewhat like Nigeria’s Al Quaeda; however, this shouldn’t have anything to do with Islam. If it has nothing to do with Islam, why […]

In a total of three attacks on Thursday and Friday, at least 34 Christians were murdered by the terror band Boko Haram in Nigeria. The reaction of the German media is once again reserved. The attacks of Thursday went mostly unreported at all with one exception here in Bild! Back during Christmas, these islamic murder […]

In these days, where antisemitism and hostility against Israel are increasing strongly worldwide, there is positive news throughout the Holy Land. The newly founded country of South Sudan, whose president Salva Kiir Mayardit (photo left with Israel’s prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu) is a confessing Christian, is maintaining very friendly relations with Israel. There is even […]

At least 1000 Christians were murdered by Muslim troops in the Ivory Coast. Ever since the 2002 outbreak of the conflict in the Ivory Coast, the country has been divided into the Muslim north and Christian south. Last week the troops of Muslim opposition leader Alassane Ouattara invaded the south and have since been carrying […]

In southern Tunisia near the city of Gabès, the Synagogue of El Hamma (photo from April 2010) was set on fire by unidentified individuals even though they were located by police not far from the crime scene. Among other things, the valuable, hand-written Torah scroll of the synagogue were burned. The vice president of the […]

In Somalia the Sharia is consistently applied by the fundamental-Islamic Al-Shabaab militia, whereby women can no longer speak or even exchange “affections” such as a handshake with representatives of the opposite sex who are not related to them.

Israel is being considered once again as the driving force in the conspiracy of evil. Thus the “researchers” of Guardian have wanted to discover that the true evil nuclear power is Israel (not necessarily Iran), and that the Israeli government – that Israel haters like to compare to the South African Apartheid regime – did […]

While the victims of Catholic child abuse are still in everyone’s conversation, the same human rights individuals have no interest in the victims of Islamic abuse. In Yemen, a 13-year-old girl has now bled to death due to serious vaginal injuries that her perverse 30-year-old “husband” inflicted upon her.

The paedophilic zealots of the Prophet can breathe more easily now. Islam consitently resists modern trends and holds fast to the tradition of marrying little girls. Islamic clergy declared lately that a ban on child marriage is un-Islamic and an endorsement for apostates.

A mother has rescued her 3-year-old daughter from the father who had kidnapped her and taken her to Tunisia. The father proudly bragged that she would never see the little one again. The whole thing was achieved only with the help of a Tunisian acquaintance, which goes to show that the origin of a person […]

In Nigeria, Sunday, 500 Christians were sent to their death by Muslims (PI reported). How gruesome this incident really was is shown in the following pictures. Muslims were warned by SMS to leave the village, then the murderers dressed as soldiers pushed in. They chopped of the arms, legs and heads of women and children […]

Last year in Afgoye, Somalia… Those pictures have been taken by the photographer Farah Abdi Warsameh and were awarded the World Press Photo Award 2010 (2nd Prize in the General News category). The Swiss magazine Blick prints three of the four pictures and asks him about his “experience”. A group named “Hizb Al-Islam” invited him […]

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