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This past weekend, anti-Israel demonstrations took place again all over Germany [and the US, see here and here, among other small(!) towns]. When researching the social networks, one encounters a multitude of video and photo material that doubtlessly remind one of civil war. In Mannheim, around 3000 demonstrators gathered to vent their hate of Jews. […]

It was only a question of time as to when Turkish prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan (photo) would chime in with the disgusting Moslem anti-Israel = anti-Jewish concert going on. But the extermination of every Jew is the highest duty of a devout apostle of Allah. Thus the Turkish Obernazi seized the Nazi muzzle and […]

Faruq al-Qaddumi (Foto), born in 1931, was a founder of Palestinian Fatah between 1959 and 1964 and became head of the secret service in 1967. Since the death of Jassir Arafat he is secretary general of Fatah and PLO. Fatah was and still is the strongest fraction within the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO). The organisation […]

Saudi Arabian airline “Saudia Arlines” takes absolutely no Israelis along. This scandalous business practice has been revealed now by an article by the Frankfurter Allgemeine (FAZ) after second division football team FSV Frankfurt announced the Saudis as a new promotional partner.

Four Katyusha rockets were fired from Lebanon today at the north of Israel (graphic). One of them was intercepted from the “Iron Dome”; the airspace over Haifa had to be closed. Fortunately nobody was injured, but three shock victims had to be brought tot he Nahariya hospital. Israel is of the assumption that the radical […]

OPEN LETTER TO MUSLIM COUNCIL OF BRITAINAND ALL BRITISH MUSLIMS (Dear Reader: This letter is a 20–page indictment of Islam. It has been faxed to CAIR and the MUSLIM COUNCIL OF BRITAIN. Since Emails very seldom get read – Please copy and fax to your Congressman/Elected Representatives, religious leaders (espically those who conduct Interfaith meetings […]

Mohamed Salah, Egyptian footballer in the service of FC Basel has told the media in his homeland that he doesn’t want to play for Basel in Israel against Maccabi Tel Aviv, which would “cost him his contract” (PI reported). Now Salah can have one less worry because Murat Yakin (photo), Turkish trainer for FC Basel […]

The terror organization Hamas uses summer camps on the Gaza strip to brainwash children. They are drilled for the bloody battle with Israel. This video ran on “Al Aqsa TV,” the Hamas television channel, and was made publicly accessible by the Israeli army. They would never withdraw from the right of return. A moderator explains […]

Lower Saxony Interior Minister Boris Pistorius (SPD – Socialist Party of Germany) called for a more consistent differentiation between Islam and islamism. “These terms have nothing in common but the first two syllables,” said Pistorius. Nearly 99 percent of the Muslims in Germany, according to Pistorius, are peace loving and regard the German Constitution as […]

The foreign percentage of the Hessian city of Offenbach’s population is 32 percent, 55 percent of the total population has foreign roots. Here, open anti-semitism is now practiced in a totally cavalier way. Menachem Mendel Gurewitz (little photo), rabbi of the Jewish fellowship located there was insulted and hemmed in by a crowd of “young […]

The regional pastor of the Oberlausitz Berlin-Brandenburg-Silesian Evangelical Church (EKBO) for interreligious dialog, Andreas Goetze (photo), has warned against “dangerous, Christian zionists” that support the State of Israel. Goetze sounded a specific note of caution among believers in the US, Great Britain and Germany.

Warning: This article contains graphic images that may be disturbing to some readers. MYJIHAD PUTTING A HAPPY FACE ON EVIL FROM ISLAM TO NAZISM TO COMMUNISM FROM JOSEPH GOEBBELS TO AHMED REHAB MYJIHAD OF HAPPY FACES MASKING EVIL In response to the campaign of Pamela Geller ( and Robert Spencer ( exposing the evil Quranic verses […]

Dear ladies and gentlemen, I wrote you a letter about a year ago. I never received an answer. The subject is still the same, only that in the meantime, the situation for the Jews in Europe has become more precarious. Do you think that your inactivity has brought about an improvement this year despite the […]

While the Central Council of Jews in Germany still deals centrally with the threat against Jewish life by old and new Nazis, antisemitic Islam is taking over the de facto ethnic cleansing in more and more large European cities. Yesterday it was Malmö and Amsterdam that had to report of an exodus of Jewish life […]

Yesterday, Tel Aviv stood under rocket fire, today it’s Israel’s capital city Jerusalem. The terror organization Hamas has garnered much applause for its actions from influential circles. Thus, today, Egyptian prime minister Hischam Kandil (in right picture left of Hamas leader Hanija) visited his like-minded compatriots in the Gaza Strip and declared those Palestinian who […]

It has come to an open argument in the SPD after the meeting of General Secretary Andrea Nahles with the interim president of the Fatah Commission for International Relations, Dr. Husam Zomlot, at the Berlin Willy Brandt House (PI Reported). SPD politician and president of the German-Israeli Association (Deutsch-Israelische Gesellschaft), Reinhold Robbe told BILD: “Parts […]

According to Haolam, Mahmoud Abbas, head of the Palestinian terror organization Fatah “party,” is one of the key men behind the 1972 PLO attack in Munich in which ten athletes on the Israeli Olympic team and a German police officer died. Moreover, he supposedly denied the Holocaust in his doctoral thesis. The SPD (Social Democratic […]

Yesterday (Oct. 7), a group of pro-Palestinian activists stormed a concert in Berlin being given by the famous Israeli Givatron choir for a fundraising initiative by the Jewish National Fund. The ten or so anti-Semites and left-wing extremists wearing red T-shirts held up anti-Israeli posters and shouted “From the river to the sea, Palestine will […]

One week after the attack by young people of Arab origin on a Berlin rabbi and his seven-year-old daughter, on Monday there were once again vulgar anti-Semitic remarks made by two girls and two boys against 13 pupils from a Jewish school in Berlin-Charlottenburg. According to police reports, one of the two girls supposedly wore […]

The walls of the Holocaust Memorial in Jerusalem were painted during the night before Monday with ten large instances of graffiti in Hebrew writing. According to WELT, among the writings were slogans like “Hitler, thanks for the Holocaust,” and “The Zionists wanted the Holocaust.”

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