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The American Starbucks coffee service chain is beginning to feel that left-wing action is at least taken into account in the US as well. As a reaction to the discontinuation of visas imposed by US president Donald Trump for people from seven Muslim countries, Starbucks chief Howard acted in left-wing defiant manner and made a […]

Last Wednesday, another act of real satire in the context of the invasion theater occurred on the campus of the Zeppelin University in Friedrichshafen. “Better people” had the experience that those among us in a completely different culture are, as they believe, able to integrate could not even manage to pass a few hours among […]

On Thursday evening, a bus with invaders appeared in the Clausnitz township Rechenberg-Bienenmühle in Middle-Saxony. Around 100 citizens weren’t ready to accept the sheltering of the asylum seekers without question and blocked the entryway to the shelter, some with cars. The bus, however, stopped before there and the people made their irritation loudly known.

Back in October 2015 there was an indication that the costs in the healthcare sector would explode. The first zenith of Merkel’s unleashed sect-like mass hysteria of the so-called “Welcome Culture” fell during this time. “Welcome, welcome,” Merkel followers babbled in their appeal at the train stations during this time. And those invited gladly came […]

The security authorities of Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia and Austria agreed in Zagreb Thursday to further transport the whole invasion in an organized fashion to Germany. The illegals are to be handled by the records department at the border of Macedonia and Greece and then brought further by rail over Serbia to Slovenia, on to […]

Was there a military coup in NRW? Is the law of authorization now over with? Or is the state parliament building burning? Not quite two years ago, Dutch PVV chief Geert Wilders was badmouthed by German politicians as “racist,” “populist” and “xenophobic” because he asked the question: Do you want more or fewer Moroccans?” Now, […]

The hate among Arab immigrants in Germany toward anything Jewish is already now a serious problem. With hundreds of thousands of immigrants from countries where antisemitism is quasi part of state doctrine, hostilities and uprisings are a new dimension of threat.

A total of 30 modular building (called ‘container’ in German) villages will soon come into existence in Berlin. Around 80 million euros are being released right away by coalition factions of the SPD and CDU for this purpose. More than 60 other container villages will be discussed by the Senate next week. The exact location […]

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan appears to be visibly losing his nerve. Upon being accused of having extorted the EU with refugees, he said in Ankara: “We’re not ashamed of this. The protocol is only a conformation for us.” Turkish media reported this. At the beginning of the week, Greek news magazine “euro2day” published conversations […]

Since December of last year, “protection seekers” have been sheltered in the first Federal Processing Asylum Center in Thun in the Swiss canton of Bern. A Thun brigade of do-gooders put forth great effort and two tank hangars were converted into living facilities. The dignitaries were most happy, as the Berner Zeitung newspaper exulted in […]

Due to the Muslim-racist Silvester pogroms it has been made known that crimes by “refugees” are being systematically hushed up: “There is the strict direction by the leadership of the authorities not to report about crimes being committed by refugees. Only direct inquiries by media representatives regarding such acts are to be answered.” In spite […]

“Schengen is a theatrical symbol of the Brussels politicians. The desire thereby is to suggest something like a European state. But Schengen has nothing to do with Europe. The EU is not responsible for the acceptance of the refugees. What is important is that one can travel freely, and there is no need of Schengen […]

Translation of above: I would like to encourage the citizens to call on their representatives not simply to accept the breach of law taking place thousands of times each day at the German borders. We now need a majority in order to put an end to this insanity.”

As PI reported recently, delegates from 14 European countries met at a conference in Prague/Roztoky at the invitation of the Úsvit-Národní koalice Party (Dawn of the People’s Coalition) by Marek Cernoch and the Bloku proti islámu (Bloc Against Islam). This meeting was prepared in an extraordinarily professional way, delivered simultaneous interpretation for the individual national […]

When an invader has registered among us in Germany, for 15 months he has “just” a claim to treatment in acute illnesses or situations of pain. After that, the “refugees” are allowed just like those insured by the state insurance pool to get dental prostheses. The costs for a total treatment run up to around […]

Most honored Mayor Binder, most honored ladies and gentlemen of the Uttenweiler city council, In concern for our country, its security, its internal societal peace and the immense abuse of immigrants for geopolitical machinations of a money and power elite working in the background, I am turning to you. Let yourself be led in what […]

What kind of things do the alleged “unaccompanied minor-aged refugees (UMAR) really do to schools? They can’t speak German and also are like most other enrichments unwilling to integrate. But since there is mandatory attendance in schools in Germany and Austria as well, these alleged “boys” are stuck in classes with our children and they […]

France is using an unusual way to prevent the attempts at illegal border crossing into Great Britain. For months now, the area around the Euro Tunnel in the port city of Calais has no longer been controllable. Trucks are entered by hordes of Africans before the entrance to the tunnel that connects Great Britain with […]

Translator note: a ‘southlander’ in this text is an individual from a land that lies in the region south of Europe. Sex attacks against women by those sex-drive-assailants “seeking protection” among us are now apparently the order of the day. Now, where the police want to win back the trust of the population and the […]

Even though the attention right now is understandably focused on Cologne/Hamburg and the incidents there (PI reported here and here) during Silvester night, more and other variations of the current “enrichment” by “young men” are coming to light. Thanks to the dynamics in the social networks, it can no longer be kept under lock and […]

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