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Back yesterday, top Croatian politicians emphasized that they would take all of the Asylum defrauders from Hungary and send them on elsewhere. A welcome of the finest kind. First a few 100 came today, then 1000, and now already 5600, and Croatia has had enough. The promised trains didn’t run, it’s not working as was […]

At the request of US Representative Michele Bachmann (photo right) from Minnesota, Austrian Islam critic Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff (photo center) met with a delegation of representatives from the House of Representatives Thursday in Vienna. In addition to Bachmann, Louie Gohmert (left) from Texas, Robert Pittender from North Carolina and Steve King from Iowa also took part […]

There was a banality of a special kind today in Vienna: 40 people followed a Facebook call by the Chechen group “Pro Tsarnayev” and demonstrated for solidarity with Muslims in general and the Boston attackers specifically. Accusations were also made that the FBI falsified evidence against the Tsarnayev brothers. Men and women demonstrated in an […]

Apparently there is no more security from Muslims, even in the universe of Star Wars. The producer of the Lego toy has had the opportunity of feeling this. The company has brought displeasure upon itself from the Turkish cultural community through a Lego building set with the Star Wars subject area.

Ernst Strasser was minister of the interior and EU representative for the pseudo-conservative Austrian People’s Party (ÖVP). Now the Eurocrat has been sentenced to four years in prison. The sentence is still not legally binding. Strasser intends to appeal.

Austrian music group “Erste Allgemeine Verunsicherung” (First Common Insecurity, or EAV in German) stands for witty and humorous texts as well as nice melodies. In 2010, they published on their album “New Heroes Need the Land” (photo) the politically most incorrect song “Super Turk.” One doesn’t cease to be astounded at how much criticism of […]

It looks like pretty soon it won’t matter who ultimately has the say. Whether left or right, black or red, yellow or green; the things going on in matters of education in the states may vary in shades. The result in any case is partially satisfying. Wolfgang Eder (photo), General Director of Voestalpine AG, spoke […]

The new edition of the trial against Dutch politician Geert Wilders begins on February 7th in Amsterdam. The first trial failed after it came out that the presiding judge had already influenced witnesses before the start of the trial. Wilders, however, is not representing only himself. Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, who has likewise been accused because of […]

The head of the Austrian FPÖ (Austrian Freedom Party), Heinz-Christian Strache, as reported, went on a trip to Israel only to find out afterward that not everyone in his party was excited about it. So that any dreadful suspicion within his party that he might be pro-Israeli might be dispelled, the Austrian opposition politician now […]

At the beginning of December, a mutual Israel trip by a few European parties took place in which not only the head of the Austrian Freedom Party (FPÖ) H.C. Strache and Andreas Mölzer (photo) participated on behalf of the Austrian delegation. The statements that were made there, the attitude that was shown and the “Jerusalem […]

On January 18th, the second hearing in the case against Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff will take place in Vienna. At this hearing, the judge is expected to go through the evidence in detail, rather than relying on a transcript which back in November was found to have several ”artistic liberties”. This is primarily the audio recordings of […]

Could you now question how a 63-year old retiree who wasn’t forewarned could be fined up to 800 Euros for yodeling while mowing his lawn? Correct! Muslims felt that the yodeling by Helmut G. (photo) was an offense against their religious feelings, brought a complaint to court – and had that complaint legally accepted.

Good afternoon, ladies and and gentlemen. I am delighted to be here in Paris, the birthplace of modern European secular governance. And I am especially delighted to have been invited here by Gandalf, who founded the Alliance to Stop Sharia. Gandalf has been instrumental in shifting the focus of the European Counterjihad from Islam as […]

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In Vienna, I discovered a few days ago a poster from the Greens with which electioneering was being carried out in an unfair way. In the foreground, the Green candidate, Maria Vassilakou is seen as well as the slogan “Without compromise against direct incitement.” There is nothing within the slogan itself that should cause debate, […]

A Call to Mobilize the American Blogosphere in Support of Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff: We, the undersigned — consisting of four European blogs, one Canadian blog, and one American blog — have written this post jointly as a public call for our American colleagues to take up the cause of the Austrian feminist and anti-jihad activist Elisabeth […]

Gates of Vienna reported on October 20th that our Austrian correspondent Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff has been given a court date (November 23) for her trial on “hate speech” charges. Regular readers are aware that Elisabeth has been charged for speaking the simple truth about Islam; for full details, see the list of previous articles at the […]

The evil “rightwing populist” H.C. Strache has achieved a sensational and historically noteworthy victory with is freedom-loving party FPÖ (Freedom Party of Austria) in Vienna (PI reported), and thereby wrestled away the absolute minority held by the Socialists. German media would prefer to report more reservedly about this.

Austrian Islam critic Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff shares with Geert Wilders the less than enjoyable situation of being accused of alleged sedition. After Wilders’ Berlin speech, the two exchanged experiences and made an arrangement to inform each other about how their trials proceed.

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