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Al Gore predicted the Arctic would be ice-free in 2013 – The ice layer, however, has increased by half Article by Alex Newman – Kopp Verlag So-called “climate change” guru Al Gore and a whole host of of alleged “climate scientists” are looking really stupid – but, hello! In 2007, 2008 and 2009, Al Gore […]

In the Arctic just recently, the coldest point of the earth was discovered, minus 93.2 Celsius. Since a hunt for records was going on, the data were compared with measurements from previous years. On July 21st, 1983, it was “only” 89.2 degrees Celsius. On the basis of this, talk should much rather be that of […]

“So that climate protection doesn’t fall by the wayside at running events, E.ON is now starting a project that will set up measures of sustainability in the area of Green Sports: The first climate-neutral series in the nation” – with these words, the DAX company E.ON issues an invitation to the press conference over “climate-neutral […]

March 2013 was the coldest in Germany in 25 years. And government offices have pointed out that there is no less a slow-down of the earth’s warming. Climate scientists have admitted for the first time that this slow-down does exist and the so-called climate disaster will be delayed. However, at the same time they point […]

I like to make fun of agnostics: For example, they are to cowardly to call themselves atheists. Much to my disappointment, I must now admit to being a climate agnostic. Of course, I have no doubt that there is a climate, and I myself would never be in the position of judging whether it is […]

“Less meat, less heat,” a Beatle once advertised, and the ecologists have not let up. If they don’t dictate to other people and can’t prescribe for them, then the mueslis are unhappy. Denmark actually has just abolished the fat tax, but that doesn’t mean that in twenty years we won’t have a food law with […]

Since all possible technological changes for climate change haven’t accomplished much, scientists are now thinking over how humans can be genetically and medically altered so as not to damage the climate. The suggestions are absolute blockbusters:

The government is planning the next unaffordable insanity for the purpose of achieving their crazy goals of climate conservation. New burdens are coming to private homeowners and landlords. The government also wants to make far-reaching insulation measures a requirement for large-scale renovations.

In contrast to normal people who exult over new knowledge about an extremely complicated subject, do-gooders instead react. When it has to do with climate change, they don’t understand fun at all, and as for pleasure in “discourse,” that disappears all at once.

The Lübecker Nachrichten newspaper wrote on 1/13/2012: “Friedrich-Karl Zechlin states that he doesn’t count on any more snow.” WELT, 1/16/2012: “Winter that isn’t. Reasons: Climate change!” Hamburger Abendblatt newspaper, 1/18/2012: “Cities heating up even more!” Nürnberger Nachrichten, 1/18/2012: “Migratory birds remain here without wanderlust. Is that climate change?” Nordhäuser Zeitung, 1/18/2012: [6]”Climate scientists sounding alarm. […]

Most honored Dr. Merkel, the savings agreement of the Euro countries forced by you has to be seen as deception of the people. Savings cannot be achieved through agreements but through reduction of costs. During your term, the national debt increased from 1.5 billion* euros to 2.1 billion* – definitely not an expression of a […]

The climate “researchers” of the UN have predicted an increase of the sea level of up to five meters for this century for us. Somehow, the taxpayer cow has to be milked even more! And nobody seems to be disturbed at all about facts. True scientists were actually able to confirm an accelerated increase in […]

The Union politician Marie-Luise Dött (photo with Pope Benedict), environmental speaker for her fraction in the Bundestag, apparently has the intellectual capabiliity to evaluate societal and political processes realistically. But what she appears to be missing, is the necessary strength in character to defend her acquired insights. At a public event, she stated summarily that […]

Imagine if we at PI would produce a short video in which representatives of politically correct views would be blown up and the spectators sprinkled with the bloody pieces. Our opponents wouldn’t very well find it original or funny, and their protests would be anything but unjustified. Moreover, legal consequences would lie well within the […]

While Europe is sweating and climate prophets are crawling out from under their rocks because it is hot in the summer, all of South America is undergoing a gigantic cold way. People are freezing to death, as are cattle in the pastures because Argentina doesn’t normally experience such cold winters. Of course, this is the […]

A lie has to be repeated only often enough, then it becomes truth. Therefore, researchers are warning again of an extremely hot century with thousands of fatalities. And while we still had freezing temperatures and furnaces running and look in wonder out our windows, the supposed dead from the heat wave of 2003 are being […]

In a video that was broadcast last year on Coleman’s Corner on TV station KUSI-TV, John Coleman, founder of The Weather Channel™ in the United States, explains the fraud of alleged “anthropogenic climate change.” (Following this entry we show the film with German subtitles.) In January 2010, Coleman produced a subsequent detailed program about global […]

The unforgettable cabaret artist Hanns-Dieter Hüsch made it a point to start his numbers with the phrase, “Hagebuch has just admitted, that…” And now, the hitherto influential IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) has (newly) admitted to making a mistake. (From Andreas F. for German PI, Translation: Anders Denken)

The renowned climatologist Professor Phil Jones (photo) has passed on another silencer to the “Church of Global Warming.” He openly admits that the earth hasn’t warmed up one bit since 1995. The data that he himself presented as evidence had “gotten lost” in the disorganization of his office. Jones belongs to the group of researchers […]

The Fortress of Climate Protection is beginning to crumble. The inventors of anthropogenic global environment disaster scenarios are losing their credibility, especially in the case of the Himalaya Hypothesis (PI-English reported) — a scandal that will go down in the annals of history as “Glaciergate.” “That should have stood out to anyone,” Professor Cogley, who […]

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