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Banner above: We won’t be fooled any longer! WE are the PEOPLE! Everyday, we’re clueless about the unbelievable, somewhat historically unique events out there. On one side, we are constantly finding ourselves in a field of tension between deep concern because of the totally concrete effects due to these developments to be expected on our […]

On Sunday, the Memorial Church in Speyer hosted Karl Jenkins’ so called Mass for Peace “The Armed Man” where the Islamic call to prayer is performed by an Imam. For that reason, the “Campaign group for persecuted Christians” held a silent vigil at which 40 Christians took part. One of them, Heidi M. – also […]

The German Defence League demonstrated yesterday, Thursday November 15, in solidarity with Tommy Robinson. Tommy Robinson, leader of the English Defence League, is a man who risked it all to defend Britain from violent Islam. He lost his freedom in the struggle, and now Muslim gangs threaten his life.

The following video portrays a scene from Mellila, one of the Spanish enclaves in Africa that is surrounded by Morocco. A Moslem grabs a woman in a back courtyard (left), surrounded by other Moslems who of all things undertake nothing to hold him back. A Spanish couple that live right above the place of the […]

Novopress: [Ex-Trotskyist and current French Social Democrat Julien Dray] has just published a blog post demanding the dissolution of the “nebulous identitarians. “ What is your reaction? Fabrice Robert: Recall that Julien Dray is one of the founders of [the left-wing extremist lobbying group] SOS Racisme. He didn‘t appear to appreciate my remarks against his […]

Just recently we brought attention through a video to the new French anti-Islam movement “Génération Identitaire”. Now today (10/20) we the Identitaires themselves are drawing attention with a spectacular action. Around 60 young activists – bloggers even speak of 100 – occupied a mosque in Poitiers in order to protest the islamization of France by […]

Death Fatwa is an Islamic religio-judicial ruling, based on Sharia law, calling for the death of those, who oppose or criticize Islam or Prophet Muhammad, which is deemed a capital crime in Islam publishable by death. There have been series of death fatwas by Islamic clerics and politicians in recent years and decades, the latest […]

Since the Battle Against the Right™ began, the overused expression “Civil Courage” has lost much of it’s original meaning in Germany. In Saudi Arabia, a woman just recently showed what is really to be understood by civil courage. BILD reports:

On Saturday, the “1000 Crosses for Life” took place again in Muenster. Around 110 right-to-lifers equipped with white wooden crosses showed up to point out the mass murdering of unborn children in Germany by means of a prayer march – in 2011 alone, at least there were at least 108,900. The number of participants was […]

PI has often reported about the “dialog of the future” called for by Chancellor Merkel. Today, we would like to point out the call for “protecting unborn life – enforcing the right to life for all.” The fact that in a rich country like Germany at least 110,431 unborn children alone were aborted last year, […]

PI reports constantly about islamic intolerance – from the gruesome “honor killings” to inhumane forced marriages all the way to bloody terror attacks. But there are those Muslims who must not only be treated with respect but also with supreme admiration. Those who enthusiastically agree with our democracy, call for a reform of Islam, who […]

It was a mobile phone video recording at the border of a Salafist rally in Frankfurt, Germany, which developed into a top clicked You-tube clip in the last days. The Video shows an upset Woman, calling passers by angrily to take action against people like Pierre Vogel. Meanwhile, even an English subtitled version is circulating […]

This is Irena Sendler (photo). A short while ago the 98-year-old lady died. During the Second World War, Irena obtained a work permit as a sewage plumber in the Warsaw ghetto. She had an “ulterior motive.” Being German, Irena understood what the Nazis intended to do with the Jews and she smuggled children away from […]

The new edition of the trial against Dutch politician Geert Wilders begins on February 7th in Amsterdam. The first trial failed after it came out that the presiding judge had already influenced witnesses before the start of the trial. Wilders, however, is not representing only himself. Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, who has likewise been accused because of […]

The Iranian-Danish artist Firoozeh Bazrafkan (photo) has found her own way to deal with the barbarity of Sharia. She applies to the Quran the very things it calls for. She lets the Quran “feel” the “eye for eye, tooth for tooth” principle that is understood in Islam. To do this, she refers, for example, to […]

More and more people in Germany are standing up and putting up a defense against the further construction of mosques and Islamic culture centers. The same things are happening in Recklinghausen also, where the local citizens’ party UBP (Unabhängige Bürger Partei – Independent Citizens’ Party) extended the invitation to a meeting with Dr. Thomas Tartsch. […]

Solidarity and civil courage of the citizens of Mönchengladbach (PI reported) are apparently on the increase. According to the latest reports, the fanatic Muslims have decided to live without the Quran school planned for that location. Only after the opposition couldn’t be broken did the local SPD come swiftly to the side of the Islam […]

An example of democracy as would already be unthinkable in Germany: The social-democratic citizen from Amsterdam, Job Cohen (left), in a June television debate with the liberal Geert Wilders who is defamed as a “right-wing populist.” The latter tells what the difference is between criticism of Islam and that of Christianity or Judaism.

On the international “Draw Mohammed Day,” May 20th, people worldwide drew pictures of the false prophet Muhammad in order to put up a sign against the subjugation of the Western enlightened world under the Stone Age laws of Islamic terror. Many PI readers also took part in the protest action. On advisement from the authorities, […]

In Germany, an enormous witchhunt is taking place that Henry M. Broder justly calls “the first witchhunt since the 17th century.” It is now even more important to stand behind Sarrazin and support him. A single individual did this at the book launch in front of the House of the National Press Conference in Berlin.

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erreicht werden soll. Man beachte: die Temperatur ändert sich im Milliardstel-Bereich, was offensichtlich in einem weltweiten Massstab nicht messbar ist. Mehr Informationen gibt es bei Junk Science.

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