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What prejudices are there about refugees? Let’s start with this: They are mostly young men between 20 and 30 and not the families with goggle-eyed children like the present-it-otherwise press would like to inform us. Good, this lie has now been confessed, no prejudice. But we will stick to the men. Surely not a prejudice: […]

Even though the attention right now is understandably focused on Cologne/Hamburg and the incidents there (PI reported here and here) during Silvester night, more and other variations of the current “enrichment” by “young men” are coming to light. Thanks to the dynamics in the social networks, it can no longer be kept under lock and […]

It has now been made known that on Silvester night, almost identical scenes existed at the Hamburg Reeperbahn like those in Cologne where women and girls were heavily harassed by Arab invaders under the eyes of more than 200 police officers (

Today, around 2 p.m., a press conference took place at the Cologne police headquarters on the Walter-Pauli-Ring because of the incomprehensible events all around the Cologne main train station (PI reported) during the night of Silvester. Even the usually conforming, politically correct president of the Cologne police, Wolfgang Albers (photo, 2nd from left), showed shock […]

The new year is starting like the old one ended. In the shelters of the invaders, the situation is ever escalating. Much about what we report can only be the tip of the iceberg because incidents are often suppressed and even less of what reaches the police is even spread further by the media. Therefore […]

Within the conservative/freedom-oriented opposition, especially the AfD (Alternative for Germany Party), there is no unity regarding the subject of “Diverse Republic.” On the one hand, the diversification of Germany is also definitely appreciated, on the other, the islamization that comes along with it is deplored. The application: “Yes to döner, no to Sharia.” This “Yes, […]

As citizens of the Republic of Diversity, we have become very jaded – but we still continue to be surprised. Simple people bring totally simple desires to the street: It’s possible to distinguish between refugees and immigrants. One can can only guess who, as a refugee, is truly also persecuted and outcast. The asylum law […]

All do-gooders listen up because the time is getting closer for special consideration for our beloved Muslim citizens on all sides. Starting June 28 it is once again Ramadan. You must show strong nerves when the devout, starving and half thirsty colleagues race away from the workplace. The fact that they aren’t as resilient as […]

On Tuesday, a the JUMA project (“young, muslim, active”) started in Berlin, an image campaign seeking recognition of Moslems in Germany. An imam in the Hertha fan block shows the “fanatics”, a woman in tight jeans, with a religious statement at the head of the “head-covered woman” and one covered in the garden, the “foreigner.” […]

From January to around mid-July 2013, around 9000 Chechens have come to Germany as asylum seekers. Among them are, besides members of mafia bands, leading heads of the islamist “Caucasus Emirate” terror cell as well, as Welt-Online reports:

In the schoolyard at the Bergmühlen Grammar School in Essen, 11-year-old Anna-Maria was brutally beaten by 15(!) schoolmates. Only when another child ran into the teacher’s office did the attackers let up from their victim. Anna-Maria didn’t get help, a female teacher simply sent her home. Upon being questioned by the police, Anna-Maria fainted; at […]

Just last Friday, PI reported about problem youth who haunt a once glamorous historic section of town in Mönchengladbach. And just one day after, the next monstrous incident occurred: A paramedic tried to enter the Waldhausener Strasse (photo) to take care of a disco visitor medically but was hit in the head by an empty […]

Daniel S.’s case was definitely an alleged isolated case. Here are excerpts from the original police press: According to police information up to this point, the 20-year-old was physically attacked by two unknown southerners* at the Hamburg main train station in the area of the Fisherman’s Tower and was beaten with a belt and a […]

The police leadership in Bielefeld has apaprently learned nothing from the most recent developments. Just after the barely thwarted attack on PRO-NRW president Markus Beisicht, the protection of freedom-oriented opposition politicians in eastern Westphalia appears still to be a small matter. The outrageous attack today during a series of rallies for the Peoples Initiative Against […]

In the monocriminal Moslem ghetto of Bonn-Tannenbusch (with a minaret mosque) lives convert Marco G., one of the four Salafists whom the police arrested in Leverkusen in connection with the attempted attack on PRO-NRW president Markus Beisicht Tuesday evening (PI reported). On a death list found with the alleged perpetrators were yet another nine PRO-NRW […]

Just as it was in Marburg in 2010, when the SPD Lord Mayor Egon Vaupel has put a ban on a funeral procession for 25-year-old Samuel killed by a Turk and a gypsy, now even the SPD mayor of Kirchweyhe, Frank Lemmermann, has forbidden a planned funeral procession for the murdered Daniel.

It was an unbelievable crime that once again leaves one speechless. A Turkish mob of thugs in Lower Saxon Kirchweyhe (photo: one of the perpetrators, Coskun A., who was again released like his accomplices) kicked against the upper body and head of Daniel S. until he lay motionless on the ground. Because his brain was […]

There is a call here to hack and shut down PI. Anyone that wishes to post even the slightest word as a comment against this planned crime (it is actually a crime because of the call for law breaking) is deleted immediately.

In Holland, a 41-year-old football referee was attacked on the green, beaten, pursued in flight, caught and so seriously injured before his own son’s eyes on by the beatings and kicking that he later died from brain hemorrhages. Another victim in the war against our values and culture.

The Hamburg police is carrying out a public search for this robber: 25 to 30 years old – about 190 cm / 6’3″ – of southern origin – broad, sporty, bodybuilder figure – 3-day beard – short, black hair – clothed with a green-gray Adidas jogging suit.

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