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Hamed Abdel-Samad, who fell among the robbers in Egypt, has now given an interview to Der SPIEGEL back in Germany. According to his own statements, he suffered a nervous breakdown after his kidnapping and is understandably still completely worn out. That doesn’t change anything in the fact that the political scientist is apparently completely naïve, […]

As Moroccan writer and blogger Kacem El Ghazzali who lives in Switzerland reported on his facebook page yesterday (11/26) evening around 7 p.m., Hamed Abdel-Samad is with his brother in Cairo and alive. More information is still unavailable. We greatly hope that he is uninjured and that all will turn out for the good. Posted […]

Journalist and author Walid Malik has reported on Twitter that his friend Hamed Abdel-Samad (picture) had been kidnapped in Egypt. The brother of Abdel-Samad is said to have confirmed the kidnapping, as well as the well-known Moroccan blogger Kacem El Ghazzali. Hamed’s last Facebook entry appeared on Sunday morning at 10 o’ clock. At 4:15 […]

In Alexandria, a few dozen Muslim Brothers coincidentally discovered a couple of boys celebrating the Mursi’s deposal. They chased the boys who fled to a roof. The Mursi Moslems, some with Al Qaeda flags, chased after them, threw them from a six meter high roof and afterward beat a 19-year-old to death. Here is the […]

“Wake up America – Obama backs up a fascist regime in Egypt” Oddly enough, a massive wave of anti-Obama sentiment in Egypt was totally ignored by the “classic” media even though the protests could have been among the greates demonstrations in human history. Here are a few impressions:

(Translator note: This article appeared on PI on June 28th, and is a compendium of several articles. Note well the by line, which contains links to full articles and other links mentioned throughout the article.) While Egyptians of all factions prepare to demonstrate in masses against the Muslim Brotherhood and President Mursi’s government on June […]

Here once again is an indiscreet example of Egyptian hospitality after the so-called “Arab Spring”: The Egypt vacation of a Zurich family became a nightmare. After a party in the hotel disco, the older daughter was sexually abused by a waiter. (More on with English translation below / Photo left: Hotel waiter Emad / […]

Bedouin tribes on the Sinai are kidnapping refugees, detaining them and ruthlessly blackmailing them and their families. Since the collapse of the Mubarak regime in Egypt, slave trade has been flourishing, ZEIT writes in a long article about what has been going on for quite some time there: blackmail for ransom, slavery, torture, murder – […]

Egypt’s attorney general has issued a decree: In the near future, anyone can arrest anyone. The army is speaking about an end to the rule of law and threatens to intervene. On the weekend, President Mursi’s new attorney general, Talaat Abdullah, empowered all citizens to arrest others temporarily if they “vandalize public or private property, […]

After the election victories by the Sharia-faithful Muslim Brotherhood, their efforts for the establishment of an Egyptian theocracy have gotten new wind in the sails. Because of their alleged participation in the short, Islam-critical film “The Innocence of Muslims,” the death sentence has been pronounced against seven Christians in Cairo. Since the accused reside outside […]

Yesterday, Tel Aviv stood under rocket fire, today it’s Israel’s capital city Jerusalem. The terror organization Hamas has garnered much applause for its actions from influential circles. Thus, today, Egyptian prime minister Hischam Kandil (in right picture left of Hamas leader Hanija) visited his like-minded compatriots in the Gaza Strip and declared those Palestinian who […]

While our interior minister would like to ban the showing of the Mohammed film clip and has refused the entry of US preacher Terry Jones, in many islamic countries, jihad is running ahead full steam. Last Tuesday – 9/11 – a Moslem scholar named Abu Islam burned a Bible in front of the American embassy […]

From Walid Shoebat’s Website, By Theodore Shoebat It was reported just today, by Raymond Ibrahim, that the Muslim Brotherhood has crucified people, accused of being against Muhammad Morsi, naked and on trees in front of the presidential palace. Raymond Ibrahim reports:

It is not the first case, but it is typical. Native journalists are sent out into the world, and those who are green behind the ears want to explain the world to us and have no clue. The British woman Natasha Smith (21) heard the calls of jubilation and saw the happy faces at Tahrir […]

Sliced tomatoes, in the opinion of a group from Egypt, are anything but harmless. (Photo: Monazza Tallha/flickr)

“If the candidate of the Muslim Brotherhood Mohammed Mursi should be elected as the next Egyptian president, Cairo will no longer be the capital of Egypt, but Jerusalem,” a high-ranking cleric said on Egyptian Safwat Hagazy radio. “Not Cairo, Mecca or Medina, but Jerusalem shall with Allah’s help become our capital. Under Mursi, the Arab […]

Cairo – The Egyptian parliament, which is led by islamists, supposedly intends to pass a law that will allow men to have sex with their dead wives. The so-called “farewell intercourse” is supposed to be allowed for up to six hours after death! BILD reports. Now where now can that be found in the Qur’an? […]

The hopes that so many had placed on the Arab Spring, last but not least through the reporting of the media, were enormous. The storm that intellectuals and West-oriented students released has meanwhile subsided. The actors that have seized the rudder for themselves are not so spring-like in the Western perspective. The talk is about […]

Three have already fallen asleep, three look boringly around the area, one is reading a booklet, another is typing on his cellphone, one beard longer than the other – Islam has apparently arrived in the Egyptian parliament. How the media have exulted recently: “Freedom Soldiers,” “Democratic Movement,” “Revolution” – during the so-called “Arab Spring,” they […]

The subject was actually “Freedom of religion for all – Christian persecution in Islamic countries and among us.” We intended to bring attention to the fact that the monstrous act against Copts in Egypt was no rare occurrence but rather that this Islamic violence and oppression has gone on there for 1400 years already and […]

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