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In the Hessian municipal elections, fruitless calls by the Party Establishment Cartel for as high a voter turnout as possible achieved an effect in the three state election on March 13th. This, however, couldn’t be at all according to the wishes of the CDU (Christian Democratic Union), SPD (Socialist Party of Germany), the Greens, the […]

Super Sunday election analysis: German AfD proves it is unquestionably the third, if not the second, party of Germany Results analysis: Sachsen-Anhalt With 24.2% the AfD comes in second, shutting out Merkel’s coalition partner, the SPD, by more than double. More than that, they literally took votes from every party across the board, though in […]

The Connor Post Editorial – March 13, 2016 The AfD has been willing to stand up to Germany’s stifling culture of political correctness People want to upbraid them for throwing the odd rhetorical bomb, but the reality is that it isn’t just about getting attention. (Though any media savvy party knows they need press coverage.) […]

Apparently the poor prognoses published shortly before the EU election either wrong or intentionally falsified: The German economic news reports that Wilders came in second place in The Netherlands with his party and got four seats. He shares second place with the Pro-EU party “Democrats 66.” The election victors are the Christian Democrats with five […]

Der Spiegel is once again telling us the fable that “migrants” decide the elections, and the CDU (Christian Democratic Union Party) is eating out of their hand. Meant here are Turks! Not to mention the fact that that the half of them, being without a German passport, aren’t allowed to vote at all; they perhaps […]

In Switzerland, there were various elections and votes. In primarily French-speaking Wallis, Oskar Freysinger of the SVP (Swiss People’s Party) outclassed all of his competitors[1]. Because of Swiss election law, which is difficult for foreigners to see through, a second election is necessary, but Freysinger will be one of the new state repesentatives in this […]

Yesterday in Kärnten and Lower Austria, elections were held for state assemblies. The leftist German press is excited about the fact the the ruling FPÖ (Liberal Party of Austria) in Kärnten, previously Haider Stammland, lost power and now the socialists have placed the governor. But there can be absolutely no talk of sensation or awe […]

There were a few mistakes in the Republicans’ campaign. PI early on criticized the bickering of the candidates and the long primaries. Also for us far away, Romney didn’t ever appear charismatic; the deeper reasons lie elsewhere, though. The US are slowly becoming social-democratic and left-wing. Social good deeds and evil millionaires were debated in […]

The decision as to who will be the next US president is drawing ever closer. If it were up to the Germans, then a large majority want a second term Barack Obama – PI readers see Mitt Romney as the better president.

Last weekend, I along with another member of the Hamburg FREEDOM Party visited the Flemish city of Antwerp. Since the local Flemish elections held on Sunday are immediately before us, a multitude of election postes gave an impression of the national picture.

Spartanburg, SC – After a very successful campaign season during which approximately 150 petition candidates secured enough signatures to be on the November ballot, Operation Lost Vote is gearing up for the Fall campaign and opening a 3,000 square foot, mission headquarters at 1529 Suite B, John B White Sr Blvd, Spartanburg, SC. “After the […]

Last Tuesday, there were primary elections in the state of South Carolina (SC). So what! There are primary elections on a timely basis there. So, what is the purpose of primary elections, in SC or anywhere else? The purpose of primary elections is, of course, to choose the best candidate to represent your party in […]

A good five months before the US presidential election, and the democrats surrounding office holder Barack Obama have suffered a serious political setback. The party failed in getting Governor Scott Walker (photo) voted out on Tuesday in the US state of Wisconsin. According to matching prognoses by the media, challenger Tom Barrett could not carry […]

Mitt Romney has just won another decision for himself, namely Illinois. According to CNN, Romney can post to his account after the count of most of the votes came to around 47 percent, while Rick Santorum came to 35 percent. Way behind were radical liberal Congressman Ron Paul with 9 percent as well as the […]

Translator Note: This article was originally published by PI-German in January. I was at the time unable to translate it, but due to the fact that this article is referred to in a more current article, I have translated it so that the reference from that article can be more understandable. In November, the Americans […]

Truly, the French as a rule don’t allow themselves to like their politicians too much for too long like one is used to from the Germans. However, in two weeks something could occur that even in Germany is hardly imaginable – and which might possibly cause an uproar and tumult among us: The candidate of […]

Christian conservative ex-Senator Rick Santorum (left) is presently the clear frontrunner in polls among the American Republicans. According to a survey published Wednesday by Quinnipiac University, Santorum at 35 percent clearly stands ahead of Mitt Romney (right) at 26 percent. Gingrich and Paul stood far behind with 14 and 11 percent. The foundering favorite Romney […]

It was the big night for Rick Santorum (photo with wife Karen). And it was a wake-up call for Mitt Romney. The former senator from Pennsylvania, Rick Santorum, won clearly in the Republican primaries in the states of Missouri, Minnesota and Colorado. With this, the conservative Catholic again has good chances of becoming President Obama’s […]

In the Florida Republican primaries for US presidency, Mitt Romney (photo) unexpectedly beat his strongest competitor Newt Gingrich by a considerable margin. Around 48 percent of voters decided for victor Romney. Gingrich, who announced he will continue to fight, after 98 percent of precincts counted came to only 32 percent. Conservative Rick Santorium landed in […]

In a few days, the primary election for the Republican candidate for US president will take place in Florida. On Monday evening in Tampa, there was amother TV debate with the four remaining competitors in which GOP favorites Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich above all exchanged strong verbal blows.

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