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“If there had been a referendum over the Euro, two-thirds of the Germans would have voted against the Euro. Democracy can only be successful if one stands up and says: That’s how it is.” Former Chancellor Helmut Kohl said this back in 2002 in an interview that was made public only recently that journalist Jens […]

The condition of the new parliamentary batch promises to be unsettling for Euroforians in Berlin, Frankfurt and Brussels. Peppe Grillo (photo), victor in the election and one of the Steinbrück “Clowns” is openly expressing the desire of letting the Italians – at least now online – vote over remaining in the Euro zone. Shortly before […]

Italy is actually in the headlines right now, but in spite of this, a deceptive calmness rules in things Euro. In the process, not one single problem is being eliminated. Other Euro states like Cyprus are requiring billions (Eur. ‘milliards’) from us who also have 2.5 trillion (Eur. ‘billion’) euros of debt. The Greeks continue […]

Greece hasn’t been bankrupt for even a year. For at least a year now, we know that it is a national sport in the country to collect on dead retirees in order to secure a more comfortable life for oneself. Back then, the country that entered the Euro by fraud promised improvement and stopped the […]

Yesterday, they had strikes once again from Athens to Lisbon (photo), they demonstrated and rioted, stirred up, unions, leftists, young perpetrators of violence, communists and anarchists in the debt-ridden southern countries. They want money, dough, moolah, the grit, loot, the stuff, EUROS. But there is no more there, which has long been the case.

Most honored Dr. Merkel, On 10/18/2012, you said: “The Euro is far more than a currency. This Euro stands symbolically for the economic, social and political unification of Europe.” With this lie, you make the Euro into an idol. The Euro is a failed political articial currency and nothing more. (Open letter by Dr. rer. […]

US credit rating agency Moody’s has changed the outlook for Germany, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and all of the EU to negative. France and Austria were already lowered months ago. Moody’s has the realistic expectation that Spain and Italy will have to be bailed out by the EU, and that the above mentioned countries will have […]

The SPD (Socialist Party of Germany) is demanding the firing of the Vice-Chancellor and Minister of the Economy Philipp Rösler (FDP – Liberal Democratic Party) from Chancellor Merkel, since he said that an exit by Greece from the Eurozone “lost out due to fright.” More recently, SPD politician Peer Steinbrück spoke of departures from the […]

The “conditions of employment considered confidential” from the ESM (European Stabilization Mechanism) are now available on Welt online. From this list emerges the pay scale for gross incomes (all without bonuses which come in addition when working for the EU!): • Managing Director: 324.000 € • Senior Executives: 64,000 to 167,000 € • Assistants and […]

Perhaps one or the other can no longer hear anything about the Euro subject. Unfortunately though, the EU debacle will remain a central theme for the next years, and even so, it is always a joy when one gets to hear experts like Arnulf Baring (photo). In contrast to some other pseudo-scientists, he specifically warned […]

Yesterday, there were a pile of extremely fantasized headlines about the Merkel administration. The headline above comes, for example, from the

Already before the EU Summit, there are “four important EU politicians” having a summit among themselves, according to FAZ. And apparently for weeks: The four EU politicians have already been working for weeks on a plan for how the European Union can develop in the future. We are curious!

Another EUSSR joke! The Spanish freeways were mostly built and paid for by the EU. Now several operating companies have collapsed and must also be rescued by the EU. The issue is 4 billion (milliard) euros according to the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper (with further details regarding the shenanigan). As the author himself “experienced,” the […]

The oft cited domino effect looks completely different than what is always being told to us. Just as soon as a new candidate creeps under the €uro umbrella of financial rescue, another one topples. No trace of stabilization. Of course, Italy is still making a little bit of a fuss, just like the case was […]

The British government is making straight plans on how they will seal the borders, should the Euro collapse and Greece become bankrupt. The minister responsible for this has openly stated this in a newspaper interview. Millions could lose their job and look elsewhere for work. Great Britain would not allow entry for these people. However, […]

The left-wing populist ZEIT is butchering Sarrazin’s new Euro book before its publication. Some narrow-minded individual appear, to the delight of our likewise narrow-minded politician, to think that the Euro crisis is slowly coming to an end. Not at all. The Greeks are out of the headlines for a couple of weeks, but they are […]

Almost incidentally and only after inquiry by the media was it made known that the Constitution will be changed for the European fiscal pact. The Federal Ministry of Finance confirmed according to FAZ that a two-thirds constituent majority is required in the Federal Assembly for the agreement. This is being justified with the fact that […]

“Euro saviors have given the Greeks an ultimatum till noon!” This headline was in all the newspapers four days ago, on Monday morning! “Troika gives Greece an ultimatum of 15 days” This headline is in many newspapers this morning. How can that be? It’s all very simple. On April 22nd there will be elections in […]

Most honored Dr. Merkel, the savings agreement of the Euro countries forced by you has to be seen as deception of the people. Savings cannot be achieved through agreements but through reduction of costs. During your term, the national debt increased from 1.5 billion* euros to 2.1 billion* – definitely not an expression of a […]

It couldn’t get any sillier than this. Merkel now intends for the Greeks to transfer all their incomes to a special account where the EU should be able to inspect the money and collect. This is the newest absurd plan of this loser. In reality, she has maneuvered herself into a dead end with no […]

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