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Big success for all those opposed to the EU: The Dutch have voted in a referendum with 64 percent of the votes against an EU agreement with the Ukraine. After the count of all the votes, the participation came to 32 percent, thereby reaching the 30-percent mark and validating the referendum. PVV president Geert Wilders […]

In Czech EU critic and ex-president Václav Klaus’s view, a “migration tsunami” is rolling over Europe. “It is a matter of whether we will allow our European culture, civilization and way of life to be destroyed by the hordes of people coming to us from other continents,” said the 74-year-old according to a report in […]

Denmark is slipping further away from the EU: In the referendum that PI pointed out yesterday, the Danes voted Thursday against the abolition of their special regulations in European legal policy. According to the counting of almost all votes, around 53 percent of voters voted for remaining excluded in areas of judicial and internal matters. […]

Back yesterday, top Croatian politicians emphasized that they would take all of the Asylum defrauders from Hungary and send them on elsewhere. A welcome of the finest kind. First a few 100 came today, then 1000, and now already 5600, and Croatia has had enough. The promised trains didn’t run, it’s not working as was […]

TXT Currently, “heavily traumatized refugees” have yet again had to throw large rocks at Hungarian border troops at the Serbian-Hungarian border because there is definitely a human right for any criminal to open borders and to any degree of social benefits in any country of Europe who manages to make it here. Or not? Presumably, […]

In the conformist press we read “gas as a weapon” (FAZ) or “Putin writes a threatening letter to Merkel” (FOCUS). But what is really stated in this letter, which Putin sent to the European politician on April 10 – INTER-TASS has published the exact wording. Unless one is working in a German editorial office one […]

In the debate over so-called poverty immigration, Germany’s Europe representative Elmar Brok (CDU) has brought the registration of fingerprints into the conversation for the prevention of multiple entries. “Immigrants who come to Germany just for the sake of welfare, child subsidy or health insurance need to be quickly sent back to their homelands,” the president […]

Mr. Brok, Die Deutsche Welle quotes you as German EU parliamentarian and president of the Foreign Committee of the European Union in their online edition on 5/27/2013 as follows: “[The updraft of the EU skeptics] also has to do with the fact that politics have become a problem of credibility altogether.”

Italy is actually in the headlines right now, but in spite of this, a deceptive calmness rules in things Euro. In the process, not one single problem is being eliminated. Other Euro states like Cyprus are requiring billions (Eur. ‘milliards’) from us who also have 2.5 trillion (Eur. ‘billion’) euros of debt. The Greeks continue […]

Former head of government Milos Zeman (68) will be the new president in Prag. The campaign consisted of pernicious nationalism against Germans and the defense of the criminal Benesch Decree, also by reigning President Klaus. That is the EUSSR, the Europe of the phoney “mutual values”! But we ourselves are to blame. The annulment of […]

As PI reported, disagreements have developed in connection with the invitation of the French parliamentarian to the celebration of the Elysée Agreement in Berlin. Our leftist-centrist block parties in the Bundestag sent subliminal messages to Paris early on, so that it would be made difficult in the role as host for the rightist Front National […]

Ernst Strasser was minister of the interior and EU representative for the pseudo-conservative Austrian People’s Party (ÖVP). Now the Eurocrat has been sentenced to four years in prison. The sentence is still not legally binding. Strasser intends to appeal.

“Whose bread I eat, his song I sing,” says an old proverb. This apparently doesn’t apply to the EU, though. Truly, Germany is the paymaster here and, thus, the nourisher of this Moloch, however, nobody wants to speak the German language.

Yesterday, they had strikes once again from Athens to Lisbon (photo), they demonstrated and rioted, stirred up, unions, leftists, young perpetrators of violence, communists and anarchists in the debt-ridden southern countries. They want money, dough, moolah, the grit, loot, the stuff, EUROS. But there is no more there, which has long been the case.

Most honored Dr. Merkel, On 10/18/2012, you said: “The Euro is far more than a currency. This Euro stands symbolically for the economic, social and political unification of Europe.” With this lie, you make the Euro into an idol. The Euro is a failed political articial currency and nothing more. (Open letter by Dr. rer. […]

US credit rating agency Moody’s has changed the outlook for Germany, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and all of the EU to negative. France and Austria were already lowered months ago. Moody’s has the realistic expectation that Spain and Italy will have to be bailed out by the EU, and that the above mentioned countries will have […]

The “conditions of employment considered confidential” from the ESM (European Stabilization Mechanism) are now available on Welt online. From this list emerges the pay scale for gross incomes (all without bonuses which come in addition when working for the EU!): • Managing Director: 324.000 € • Senior Executives: 64,000 to 167,000 € • Assistants and […]

Perhaps one or the other can no longer hear anything about the Euro subject. Unfortunately though, the EU debacle will remain a central theme for the next years, and even so, it is always a joy when one gets to hear experts like Arnulf Baring (photo). In contrast to some other pseudo-scientists, he specifically warned […]

Yesterday, there were a pile of extremely fantasized headlines about the Merkel administration. The headline above comes, for example, from the

Already before the EU Summit, there are “four important EU politicians” having a summit among themselves, according to FAZ. And apparently for weeks: The four EU politicians have already been working for weeks on a plan for how the European Union can develop in the future. We are curious!

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