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On Saturday, the “1000 Crosses for Life” took place again in Muenster. Around 110 right-to-lifers equipped with white wooden crosses showed up to point out the mass murdering of unborn children in Germany by means of a prayer march – in 2011 alone, at least there were at least 108,900. The number of participants was […]

While everybody, old and young, is on his feet in New York City to attend the largest, happiest and most vivid celebration of the State of Israel a modest little flag waving walk for Israel on the same day („Salute Israel Day“ planned by the German BPE) had to be canceled in the City of […]

The British police didn’t make it easy for sympathizers of the EDL: Those who wanted to move forward to the Market Place in the completely blocked of and partly barricaded Luton Wednesday in order to be present at the large demonstration by the EDL were politely but under false pretenses sent to other useless places […]

The subject was actually “Freedom of religion for all – Christian persecution in Islamic countries and among us.” We intended to bring attention to the fact that the monstrous act against Copts in Egypt was no rare occurrence but rather that this Islamic violence and oppression has gone on there for 1400 years already and […]

Good afternoon, ladies and and gentlemen. I am delighted to be here in Paris, the birthplace of modern European secular governance. And I am especially delighted to have been invited here by Gandalf, who founded the Alliance to Stop Sharia. Gandalf has been instrumental in shifting the focus of the European Counterjihad from Islam as […]

On June 25, 2006, the Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit (photo) was kidnapped by Hamas. It is assumed that he has since been brought to an unknown location in the Gaza Strip to be held prisoner. All attempts by the International Committee of the Red Cross to visit Gilad Shalit have been rejected by Hamas. The […]

The American “intellectual” Norman G. Finkelstein, whose family survived the Holocaust is a favorite Jew of example and guest among modern antizionists and classical anti-Semites who refer to his books. The substance of his self-hating consipiracy theories move the current Gaza policy as well as the tragedy of the Holocaust into the fabled realm of […]

Nine years ago, on September 11, right at 9:30 a.m. local time, an airplane was flown directly into the first tower of the World Trade Center in New York. A short time after, a second plane sped into the south tower, and another one hit the Pentagon in Washington. The fourth plane, which was held […]

This is the report for which many people in Germany have long been waiting. The Dutch Islam critic and head of the Party for Freedom, Geert Wilders (middle of picture), is coming to the German capital of Berlin on October 2, 2010, at the invitation of Berlin Representative Rene Stadtkewitz (left). “I feel honored to […]

Yesterday, 5,000 to 8,000 people of various cultural and religious backgrounds demonstrated under bright sunshine against the mega-mosque project at Ground Zero (PI reported). 3,000 innocent American citizens shall not have been murdered in vain by a cowardly terror attack in which the triumph will be sealed by the project of the Islamic lord builders. […]

A lot of our readers participated in our little drawing competition and show us in their artistic works of high quality how they imagine the prophet of Islam. The best, most impressive and most accurate drawings we’d like to present you here. One of the most beautiful examples you see above (in full size here): […]

On Friday, more than 62 cities worldwide celebrated the 62nd anniversary of the Jewish State, among them Frankfurt and Munich. Photos and short reports are now coming to us from PI readers. In order to join in the Israel Day celebration, PI reader Edda from Berlin made the effort to take a 650km train ride […]

A few members of the Hamburg PI Group gathered yesterday at the Berliner Tor where Morsal Obeidi was brutally murdered by her brother on the night of May 15th-16th, 2008, in the name of Islamic honor. We quickly changed the name of the place to “Morsal-Obeidi-Platz (Morsal Obeidi Square). Flyers were handed out at the […]

Each year in May, Israel’s anniversary is celebrated in many Germany cities in order to show a powerful sign of solidarity with the only democracy in the Middle East. For many years now, Cologne has been one of the organizing cities for Israel Day, and PI has reported regularly about the event since 2007. And […]

Democracy: I would like to make it clear from the beginning that I wish to keep the CDU out of the issue here. This means that I stand here today as a concerned citizen just as you are concerned citizens, concerned because that there are certain developments in our country that cause the question of […]

A few EDL followers were sitting barricaded on a roof next to the planed 18 million Pound expensive mega-mosque in British Dudley yesterday. The EDL people brought enough provisions and water for weeks, and also a loud speaker system in order to hold speeches. The occupiers of the roof wished to sound out the muezzin […]

In answer to the recall of the Muhammad episode of South Park in which the prophet was not allowed to be drawn in a bear costume, May 20th has been called “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day”. The extremists need to know that we will not be intimidated. This is your opportunity to show the great ones […]

This past Saturday afternoon, Berlin stood as a sign of complete solidarity with Geert Wilders and for the defense of free speech, without which it is impossible for a democracy — as a government of the people — to function. Some 150 participants arrived for the the rally put on by the Citizen Initiative Pax […]

Last Thursday, another large Islam critical conference took place in Munich. Probably Germany’s bravest Journalist, Michael Mannheimer, was the showstopper who gave the presentation “Eurabia — the Capitulation of Europe to Islam.” For two and a half hours, he delivered highly interesting facts that present new information for well-read Islam critics.

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