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When an invader has registered among us in Germany, for 15 months he has “just” a claim to treatment in acute illnesses or situations of pain. After that, the “refugees” are allowed just like those insured by the state insurance pool to get dental prostheses. The costs for a total treatment run up to around […]

When the government actions in a country appear so crazy that the individual no longer dares to call the craziness by name because every citizen runs the risk of being declared a lunatic criminal of opinion threatened with having his good reputation, his driver’s license, his own child or his complete means of existence by […]

The international state of finance has descended to a ghost train of judicial confusion. The Americans are setting the tone for this. Capriciousness is the rule. The assumption of innocence has been abolished. Whoever ends up in the crosshairs admits guilt and pays. The risk of a charge can be afforded by nobody. If a […]

The idea of free trade between the nations has long since had brighter overtones on holidays than is practiced in daily business. Seldom does this contradiction apply more sharply than in these days when the new American secretary of state John Kerry tours through Europe, the speech about a free trade zone in his baggage, […]

Greece hasn’t been bankrupt for even a year. For at least a year now, we know that it is a national sport in the country to collect on dead retirees in order to secure a more comfortable life for oneself. Back then, the country that entered the Euro by fraud promised improvement and stopped the […]

The image above shows the signature of Obama’s new Secretary of Treasury. The scribble is supposed to mean Jacob Lev. His signature will traditionally be seen on new dollar bills. That fits somehow: a big Zero writes zeros on bills for the US, which which is indebted with over 16 trillion (Eur. ‘billion) dollars! Recently, […]

In Germany, nobody has to starve, go without clothing or be homeless. For the heads of the German Conference of Bishops, Robert Zollitsch (photo left), this, however, is not enough. Since the gap between poor and rich is constantly spreading, which the leftist, liberal unification media don’t tire of emphasizing, the churchman is recommending tax […]

Yesterday, they had strikes once again from Athens to Lisbon (photo), they demonstrated and rioted, stirred up, unions, leftists, young perpetrators of violence, communists and anarchists in the debt-ridden southern countries. They want money, dough, moolah, the grit, loot, the stuff, EUROS. But there is no more there, which has long been the case.

So gloated the red WAZ (Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung), in the title of an article explaining that the great majority of Latinos voted for Obama (something we already commented about yesterday morning). The author found fault with the immigration policies of the Republicans, whose traditional voter group they claim to be shrinking. The migrant voting block […]

Most honored Dr. Merkel, On 10/18/2012, you said: “The Euro is far more than a currency. This Euro stands symbolically for the economic, social and political unification of Europe.” With this lie, you make the Euro into an idol. The Euro is a failed political articial currency and nothing more. (Open letter by Dr. rer. […]

US credit rating agency Moody’s has changed the outlook for Germany, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and all of the EU to negative. France and Austria were already lowered months ago. Moody’s has the realistic expectation that Spain and Italy will have to be bailed out by the EU, and that the above mentioned countries will have […]

Author: Heiko Schrang “The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.” (William Shakespeare) On June 29th, shortly before the last game of the European Football Championship, a vote on the fiscal pact will take place in the Bundestag (German Federal Assembly) that will pave the way for fiscal union. This fiscal agreement denotes a […]

Almost incidentally and only after inquiry by the media was it made known that the Constitution will be changed for the European fiscal pact. The Federal Ministry of Finance confirmed according to FAZ that a two-thirds constituent majority is required in the Federal Assembly for the agreement. This is being justified with the fact that […]

Most honored Dr. Merkel, the savings agreement of the Euro countries forced by you has to be seen as deception of the people. Savings cannot be achieved through agreements but through reduction of costs. During your term, the national debt increased from 1.5 billion* euros to 2.1 billion* – definitely not an expression of a […]

It couldn’t get any sillier than this. Merkel now intends for the Greeks to transfer all their incomes to a special account where the EU should be able to inspect the money and collect. This is the newest absurd plan of this loser. In reality, she has maneuvered herself into a dead end with no […]

PI estimated the costs of denuclearization in June at 1 trillion (European, billion) euros, which yielded some objection from the readers. Now we have an estimate from Siemens, and it comes to 1.7 trillion (European, billion) euros. Who is going to pay this? There is no waste: either the user or the taxpayer, or both. […]

Are the rats abandoning the sinking ship? For all the loud Wulff clamor, our Quality Press missed an important announcement that is reaching most bank customers by now: The money houses are greatly reducing the deposit insurance for customers in the case of a bank failure. Thus, the insurance limits will be reduced in three […]

One can only savor all the things that pour forth from the mouth of our socialist, raised-in-the-GDR, megalomaniac chancellor. One such noteworthy thing: “Every actor, every place, every instrument must be subject to regulation.” Does her elevator still reach the top?

In the Euro-Crisis, the European political elite swing from one act of desperation to the next. The US are on the course to bankruptcy under Barack Obama. And even with the economic “poster children” like China or Germany the present success seems to be more of a show show than of a go. In short: […]

The former French soccer player Eric Cantona (44, photo) has put European bankers in fear and trembling with his call for the “Bank Run 2010“. In his unusual protest on YouTube, he called for every person to withdraw all their money from the bank on December 7, 2010 and thereby “kill” the banks. The videos, […]

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