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France is using an unusual way to prevent the attempts at illegal border crossing into Great Britain. For months now, the area around the Euro Tunnel in the port city of Calais has no longer been controllable. Trucks are entered by hordes of Africans before the entrance to the tunnel that connects Great Britain with […]

Frenchmen who have been condemned for terror acts can lose their citizenship. The French Constitutional Council in Paris made this judgment and declared a corresponding passage in the book of civil law as constitutional. Die ZEIT reported yesterday regarding this interesting possibility with our French neighbors. Even if such a thing is presumably (still) undoable […]

Mayotte is an island group between Africa and Madagascar and has around 200,000 inhabitants, 95-97% of which are Sunni Moslems. Mayotte has belonged to France since 1841. In 1974, the Mahoris, as the inhabitants call themselves, voted against independence and for remaining with France. In a referendum in 2009, the island was integrated into the […]

Two weeks after the French National Assembly’s vote for the institution of homosexual marriage, hundreds of thousands of opponents demonstrated again on Sunday in Paris (photo) against the process. The organizers spoke participation by 1.4 million that police first reported in a first estimate of 300,000, dpa reports. Der Spiegel otherwise writes – and that […]

Every third French individual, according to a current survey, agrees with the values of the right-wing “Front National.” Especially high is the reception among the subject fields of immigration and Islam. The ultranationalists were able only to score fewer points with their call for the death penalty and the Franc.

As PI reported, disagreements have developed in connection with the invitation of the French parliamentarian to the celebration of the Elysée Agreement in Berlin. Our leftist-centrist block parties in the Bundestag sent subliminal messages to Paris early on, so that it would be made difficult in the role as host for the rightist Front National […]

The German press produced a disgusting smear piece this weekend and again today (Jan. 14) for the presumably largest French demonstration in 30 years. The Hollande government is currently trying with pressure to whip through a law with complete legal equality for homosexual marriage in France in order to show some kind of success out […]

The representative immunity of the French Front National (FN) president, Marine Le Pen, is to be suspended because of her Islam-critical statements. The French government requested this in the European parliament Monday, the French newspaper Le Monde reported.

Quel malheur! In the French town Yvrac, a serious misfortune has happened to Polish construction workers: Because they could not read the French instructions, they demolished a whole castle. The 18th century “Château de Bellvue” was actually supposed to be renovated and a shack nearby torn down. However this was left standing by the Polish […]

Besides Sheikh Adnan al-Arur, who has already turned out to be a Muslim Brother, and whom the multinationally occupied and euphemistically named Free Syrian Army (FSA) reveres, presently another identity figure of the Syrian “opposition” is now being made palatable to the West. His name is Ahmad Moaz al-Khatib, and he met together with President […]

“One papa, one mama, one child, totally simple!” Such and similar were the mottos at a large demonstration against homosexual marriage and adoption rights for gays in Paris, and not just there. More than one hundred thousand people protested, of whom the German “press of quality” only reported with reservation. According to Nouvel Observateur, the […]

French President Hollande (photo right) swims in domestic policy; he brings nothing to the table. Now he would like to make a profile for himself in foreign policy. As the first Western country – Obama then follows – he is recognizing Syria’s terrorists who are calling themselves opposition and promised them deliveries of French weapons. […]

Geographically, France lies in Europe but, as new data indicate, demographically our neighboring country is drifting further toward Africa. France, different from the US, doesn’t do censuses from which ethnic affiliation can be extracted, rather they instead follow their ideal of a color-blind republic. This policy doesn’t change the ethnic reality in the country one […]

Novopress: [Ex-Trotskyist and current French Social Democrat Julien Dray] has just published a blog post demanding the dissolution of the “nebulous identitarians. “ What is your reaction? Fabrice Robert: Recall that Julien Dray is one of the founders of [the left-wing extremist lobbying group] SOS Racisme. He didn‘t appear to appreciate my remarks against his […]

Only?! Le Figaro has published a survey. 60 percent of French believe that Islam has become too important in France. 60 percent reject [the idea of] women with head covering. And half of the French see the Moslems as a threat. Much too little. (Here is the article with the link to Le Figaro!) Posted […]

Just recently we brought attention through a video to the new French anti-Islam movement “Génération Identitaire”. Now today (10/20) we the Identitaires themselves are drawing attention with a spectacular action. Around 60 young activists – bloggers even speak of 100 – occupied a mosque in Poitiers in order to protest the islamization of France by […]

In France, the alarm clocks are shrilling even more loudly over the subject of Islam. At a riot a few days ago in Cannes, Strassburg and the metropolitan area of Paris, ten terror-hungry young Frenchmen who had recently converted to the Religion of Peace™ and apparently wanted to carry out attacks immediately on infidels were […]

The oft cited domino effect looks completely different than what is always being told to us. Just as soon as a new candidate creeps under the €uro umbrella of financial rescue, another one topples. No trace of stabilization. Of course, Italy is still making a little bit of a fuss, just like the case was […]

In Europe, attacks in Jews and Israelis are becoming more frequent. In France there was a brutal attack on three Jewish youths. In the attack, more than a dozen North African Mohammedans pursued their victims with hammers and iron rods.

On many German TV programs, assurances are being churned out that the terror of Toulouse has of course “nothing to do with Islam.” The pitiful young man – who is now as well as dead – grew up in a “poor neighborhood,” was “not accepted” by the French society, integration of the Algerian population isn’t […]

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