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Last Saturday, an act of violence happened in Cologne that brings to mind Akif Pirincci’s somber text “The slaughter has begun” in a terrifying way. According to the police report, a group of around ten to 15 brutally beat up a young man (23) in Cologne-Bocklemünd.

“So much trouble for just one dead person,” “They all would have to be stabbed” – the friends of Jonny K. who was kicked to death had to listen to such sayings in the courtroom. Threats and intimidations by journalists and German participants in the trial are apparently the norm in this trial. Tomorrow (6/6) […]

As is already known to the seasoned reader, today (March 16), a funeral and vigil for Daniel S. took place in Kirchweyhe in which around 1500 people took part.

It was an unbelievable crime that once again leaves one speechless. A Turkish mob of thugs in Lower Saxon Kirchweyhe (photo: one of the perpetrators, Coskun A., who was again released like his accomplices) kicked against the upper body and head of Daniel S. until he lay motionless on the ground. Because his brain was […]

As a prelude to this article, I would like to say that I appreciate every citizen who comes from Africa and has integrated among us in exemplary fashion, who knows how to appreciate the advantages of this country, respects its values, likes its culture and with his/her work force fits in with the community. Such […]

Already before the EU Summit, there are “four important EU politicians” having a summit among themselves, according to FAZ. And apparently for weeks: The four EU politicians have already been working for weeks on a plan for how the European Union can develop in the future. We are curious!

Fiscal pact, transaction tax and Hollande’s 130-billion euro “growth packet” were promptly wrapped up at the European Championship quarterfinals. The Merkel CDU-FPD-SPD-Greens troop were actually able to watch the European Championship totally relaxed and pull through with the ESM (European Stabilization Mechanism), and then go back to their Yachts on the Turkish Riviera. If that […]

Incidents in which Muslims are most deeply humiliated and attacked in their dignity are part of daily routine in Germany according to our leftwing populist united media. One such incident also happened just recently in Bad Segeburg in the Kraft Furniture Shop. This business has lately offering its customers fortune cookies – some of them […]

The foreign is the good, the native is the bad. The specter of the antagonistic German is the favorite image to portray and bring subliminally into the discussion. When the 60s liberal generation staged protests against the alleged and factual repressions of the young Republic, they wanted to air out the stuffiness of a thousand […]

TV journalist Güner Balci was underway with Thilo Sarrazin on Tuesday in order to record for the ZDF show “Aspekte.” In addition, a visit to the “Cultural Center of Anatolian Alevites, non-profit” in Kreuzberg was planned. He was met with calls of “Beat it!” by the association members in front of the building. Sarrazin commented […]

The team around the publisher Götz Kubitschek has put a new internet project underway: At, one can find cases of violence by foreigners against Germans and their pertinent background information. The internet page complements the book “Deutsche Opfer, fremde Täter (German Victims, Foreign Criminals)” now available that Kubitschek authored along with Michael Paulwitz.

While the German press attempts to swing non-acting passers into focus in a Berlin subway attack, as if to lay the blame more on them than on the perpetrators, and the perps themselves played the racism card – albeit unsuccessfully this time – other similar cases are simply not being reported. Unless the victim lies […]

On October 30th, the annual prayer vigil “1000 Crosses for Life” organized by the EuroProLife Alliance took place. The counter-demonstration, in addition, delivered once again an outstanding spectator lesson about what leftwing disturbance troops will think of in order to terrorize dissident thinkers.

In a notworthy FAZ (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung) article, Regina Mönch points out among other things the duration of the the current hostility to Germans in Germany. It has long since beein the practice that upon any attack of a German on a foreigner, this society – justifiably (!) – would run to the next solidarity […]

So that Turkish children can perhaps learn German better, German children within Germany now have to listen to stories in Turkish. After all, they need to get a feel for the language. How else will they come to understand the Turkish children? And so that Islam doesn’t get short shrift, the little infidels can also […]

Social “sciences” have the advantage that one can invent for himself solutions to the problems one has encountered, and logic plays an insignificant role in the process. A communications scientist has now found out that foreigners in Dresden are afraid of Germans because they — the foreigners — are too few in number. Therefore more […]

A resounding slap in the face for obese Mayor Egon Vaupel (SPD), who intended to prohibit Marburg citizens from memorializing a murdered citizen (PI reported). The Giessen District Attorney canceled the order of prohibition and made it clear who is the true opponent to the constitution in Marburg. The ban of the Red city prince […]

In Marburg, after a young man who had calmed a quarrel in a restaurant was stalked and beaten to death by several Sintis from the notorious Waldtal (PI reported), the politicians responsible for the conditions are considering whether citizens will be allowed to conduct public mourning.

He has been hiding out of cowardice of his own people for weeks. But now, Duisburg mayor Adolf Sauerland, who disappeared after the Love Parade catastrophe, has come up with a redeeming idea: If the people will no longer elect the politician, then the politician can always select a new people. Fortunately, that has already […]

When even leading CSU politicians do election campains with filthy rappers like Bushido, then there is nothing left to wonder about when the followers of this Muslim rapper openly call in their songs for violence against Islam critics like Geert Wilders, Ralph Giordano and Dr. Udo Ulfkotte. So happens to be the case in the […]

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