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In the Daily Mail can be read today that the publishers of the Oxford University Press (OUP), one of the largest and most renowned publishing houses in Europe have forbidden their schoolbook authors from using pigs or pork themes in their books, since these could offend Jews and Muslims. According to Daily Mail, this venture […]

Abubaker Shariff Ahmed (photo), or “Makaburi” as he calls himself, is an influential Moslem leader in Kenya and he declares Great Britain as a war zone in an interview with sky news. Actually, this is already quite obvious without such a declaration for people who go through life with open eyes and a keen mind. […]

As many leading British media report today, Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (photo), better known under his pseudonym “Tommy Robinson,” and his brother-in-law, Kevin Carroll, the well-known faces of the ENGLISH DEFENCE LEAGUE (EDL), declared their departure from the EDL to the Quilliam Foundation.

ZDF’s Auslandsjournal, surprisingly, is reporting openly for the first time about the Muslim child sex gangs that have made all of Great Britain completely unsafe in recent years. One of the most recent extreme cases took place in the university town of Oxford. A band of Moslem Pakistanis placed little girls as young as 12 […]

Abu Qatada (photo), islamist hate preacher was deported from Great Britain back to his homeland Jordan. The 53-year-old appeared yesterday (7/7) on an airport runway near Amman and was immediately taken to prison. Abu Qatada, who fled to Great Britain in 1993, was sentenced to life in prison in Jordan for the planning of terror […]

Nothing really, so one thinks, and that also is simply logical if there’s not mention of a few head-covered girls in Belfast. One thinks, but nothing is logical. Since the decades of the “Troubles” between Scottish and English unionists and the Irish nationalists, Northern Ireland to this day has been produced as evidence that Islam […]

The English Defence League (EDL) is carrying out into the street what many only think and perhaps some only write about. Tommy Robinson, Kevin Carroll and their followers mobilized more than 1000 people again on Monday and marched from Trafalgar Square to Downing Street No. 10, the residence of the English prime minister, in order […]

Muslims in Wales are giving their favorite pastime of “playing the victim” a whole new meaning. On the front page of the 5/26/2013 “Wales on Sunday,” could be read: “Muslims in Cardiff are scared for their safety after someone threw bacon at a mosque.” Scared for their safety? What simply do they think about how […]

Thatcher’s statesmanship targeted concrete ideas. At the center was the nation-state, which she considered as the sole political organizational form qualified for action. Even globalization didn’t change anything about this fact. States are to act on the basis of interests. She distrusts humanitary purposes and ethnic goals in politics as well as all globalistic and […]

Muslima Baroness Sayeeda Hussain Warsi (photo), British minister of religion, is complaining that criticism of Islam is un-British. According to a survey, only 24% of the British are of the view that Islam is compatible with the British lifestyle, and only 23% thought that Islam was no threat to Western civilization. Politics and media have […]

While the block parties among us in “Slumberland” continue successfully to suppress any party organized criticism against the ruling doctrine of the European and immigrant State with help from Constitutional Defense, something is well underway in Great Britain’s politics. In local elections in Eastleigh, a city of 117,000 residents in southern England, Nigel Farage’s “evil […]

The English Defence League announced today (Feb. 21) that their leader Tommy Robinson (photo) has been released from detainment. In a statement by the EDL[2], it said:

Sometimes they are just so easy to smooch, our British neighbors, known for Speaker’s Corner, self-will, individualism and defiant national pride. Now they’re pressing onward: The government is presently trying to show the bad sides of the island in order to keep socially weak immigrants away!

How proud England used to be that it could claim for almost 1000 years – namely, since 1066 and William the Conqueror – of never again being conquered by foreign people. Regardless of whether it was the Spanish Armada, French Napoléon or German “Greatest Commander of All Time,” all of them ended up burying their […]

In Great Britain a repulsive case of systematic Muslim group rapes of girls, some 11 years old, is once again leaking out. As usual, none of the nine accused have European names. Reading the bill of indictment took a half hour in the central penal court of London. In Oxford, indigent girls – preferably those […]

A video surfaced on YouTube that, according to the English Blog The Commentator[2], shows a self-appointed “Moslem patrol” at “work” on the streets of London. Also required for the self-appointed Sharia watchers is the oversight of a self-proclaimed ban of alcohol and the calling out of indecent clothing.

In Great Britain, Asian Indian-born Sara Ege (photo) has been sentenced to life in prison. The court pronounced her guilty for having beaten her seven-year-old son to death because he was too slow in learning the Koran. After the murder, she attempted to burn his body in order to erase the traces of her crime.

Human Rights and the signed agreements below are preventing the deportation of around 4,000 hardened foreign murderers and rapists according to statements by the British government. The simplest recipe is to bear a child or marry a British woman. Then the right to a family life for the criminal is counted more interesting than that […]

In Great Britain, the number of foreigners, or according to definition, people born in other countries has doubled. In London for the first time, white Britons are in the minority with 45%. Top countries of origin are India, Pakistan and Poland. The number of Moslems has climbed to 4.8% of the population in England and […]

The German Defence League demonstrated yesterday, Thursday November 15, in solidarity with Tommy Robinson. Tommy Robinson, leader of the English Defence League, is a man who risked it all to defend Britain from violent Islam. He lost his freedom in the struggle, and now Muslim gangs threaten his life.

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