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The Saxony Evangelical-Lutheran State Church has again revealed its most deeply anti-Christian opinion. The Commissioner on Questions Regarding Worldviews and Sects, Harald Lamprecht (photo), didn’t hesitate to sacrifice Bible-believing Christians on the alter of Islam. “As far as the endangerment of Saxon youth is concerned, radical Bible groups, for example, cause much greater problems than […]

MURDERING A QURAN ACID BURN A MUSLIM WOMAN OR MURDER CHRISTIANS, HINDUS, BUDDHISTS AND THERE ARE NO PROTESTS. BURN A QURAN AND THERE ARE VIOLENT PROTESTS WITH MANY DEATHS Murdering a Quran is a capital offense in Islam. In our society, murdering a Quran is now worse then murdering human beings. At both the Republican […]

Margot Kässmann, 54, former state bishop for the Hannover Evangelical Church, favorite at church councils, divorced from the father of her four adult daughters since 2007, apparently has a new lover: jewelry designer and atheist André Ribeiro, whose necklaces and rings she wears and with whom she “shares the mailbox.” Must be a big mailbox. […]

Vienna/Königstein ( – The international Catholic aid organization “Church in Distress” is calling for media reports about the conditions in Syria to be accepted critically and with great caution. The present speaker for the organization, Pater Dr. Andrzej Halemba, declares:

Either they’re idiots and didn’t know who they were detaining, or they believe they’re now in authority over even government officials. That, or they’re just plain frustrated that they weren’t allowed to practice any kind of perversion on Mr. Paul’s person. Today, Rand Paul, Republican senator from Kentucky and son of presidential candidate Ron Paul, […]

Five weeks ago, we reported on the mandatory consignment of Berlin’s first class students to multicultural problem schools by the ruling SED party. Now the TV magazine “Monitor” has discovered it as well. German parents with overwhelming leftwing-Green ideological background now see themselves suddenly confronted with the fact that their idealistic ideas that up until […]

The newspaper 20 Minutes is making a stir on Facebook with a somewhat confused article on the subject “Crusaders” about conservative Swiss politicians who have dared to out themselves as Christians on Facebook and speak out against the islamization of Switzerland. In the usual “I am good – you are evil” pattern, the Nazi muzzle […]

The “United Nations” has called for an “interreligious week of harmony.” The World Council of Churches in Geneva appealed to its 349 (mostly Protestant) member churches to take an active part in this project that goes back to a request from Jordan: in October 2010, the UN quorum unanimously declared the first week in February […]

On October 30th, the annual prayer vigil “1000 Crosses for Life” organized by the EuroProLife Alliance took place. The counter-demonstration, in addition, delivered once again an outstanding spectator lesson about what leftwing disturbance troops will think of in order to terrorize dissident thinkers.

For the “integrated Turks” in totally leftwing dominated Bremen, integration hasn’t gone far enough. For this reason, they have now joined together and started the “Bremische Türk Partei (BTP) (Bremen Turkish Party).” The leap into the regional assembly should be successful as an “immigrant quota.”

Integration – but how?” – So read the title of the lecture and discussion meeting, to which the South Bergstrasse Volkshochschule (Adult Ed) and the Sparkasse (Bank) in Wiesloch extended an invitation for last Wednesday. In the face of the festival of empty phrases put on by Islamophiles and Do-Gooders, a few members of the […]

On the October 6, 2010 Bayerischer Rundfunk (Bavarian Radio) show “Kontrovers (Controversy)” under the title of “We are the good ones – no tolerance for dissident thinkers,” representatives of politically incorrect views appeared to speak in a public and legitimate medium. In the report, the arrogant moralism of our dear do-gooders / “do-better” friends was […]

The evil “rightwing populist” H.C. Strache has achieved a sensational and historically noteworthy victory with is freedom-loving party FPÖ (Freedom Party of Austria) in Vienna (PI reported), and thereby wrestled away the absolute minority held by the Socialists. German media would prefer to report more reservedly about this.

More and more people in Germany are standing up and putting up a defense against the further construction of mosques and Islamic culture centers. The same things are happening in Recklinghausen also, where the local citizens’ party UBP (Unabhängige Bürger Partei – Independent Citizens’ Party) extended the invitation to a meeting with Dr. Thomas Tartsch. […]

We are living in a country where the economist Thilo Sarrazin was slandered by the Green politician Renate Künast as “debased” and “unfeeling” because he was quoting figures and statistics, in which a German-Turkish minister from Lower Saxony, who had tried to oblige the media to follow “culturally sensitive” speak when it comes to Turkish […]

I took my car to the garage this morning and thus had a brief chance to listen to the radio. It was a public station, Deutschlandfunk, the program “Presseschau”, press review. Süddeutsche Zeitung, the battle rag of the left with delusions of intellectualism, let us know from a great height, that one ought to understand […]

The Sarrazin affair has hit international headlines, which is not entirely a good thing. For example (just one of many), this Yahoo/AFP article, “German banker hits nerve with anti-immigration book”, gets it subtly and thus dangerously wrong. Let me pick on two details. (By the Editrix)

Shortly after Thilo Sarrazin, with his book “Germany Is Dismantling Itself” has rubbed his finger in the wound and put all the Do-Gooders in blatant uproar, Udo Ulfkotte now brings out his new book “No Black. No Red. No Gold. Poverty for All in the ‘Jolly Immigrant Stadl’“. In his book, Udo Ulfkotte confirms Thilo […]

While Marwa receives a memorial out of public means in Dresden, the victim of immigrant violence in Germany cannot be mourned by frends and relatives (PI reported). Simply put: The mourners will immediately be called Nazis, and their “procession” has to be stopped by good people.

An attempt has failed already once to get rid of the horrible Thilo Sarrazin who has drifted to the Right. Now the head of his companion, Sigmar Gabriel (photo), is daring to do so with the old, well-seasoned trick: “I will buy a fancy review.”

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