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A financial scandal among the Greenpeace saviors of the world: The environmental protection organization has lost 3.8 million euros in currency exchange through the “seriously mistaken estimate” of an employee at the Greenpeace headquarters in Amsterdam. Der “Spiegel” reported. According to it, the employee in the financial department was counting on a sinking euro rate, […]

“So that climate protection doesn’t fall by the wayside at running events, E.ON is now starting a project that will set up measures of sustainability in the area of Green Sports: The first climate-neutral series in the nation” – with these words, the DAX company E.ON issues an invitation to the press conference over “climate-neutral […]

MARCH ON WASHINGTON, D.C. Justice for the Benghazi Four! Justice for the SEALS! Respect for the Constitution! Government of, by and for The People! September 29, 2013 So fellow American! Regardless of your party affiliation, when are you going to get angry about injustice after injustice and crime after crime perpetrated by this federal government? […]

Just last Friday, PI reported about problem youth who haunt a once glamorous historic section of town in Mönchengladbach. And just one day after, the next monstrous incident occurred: A paramedic tried to enter the Waldhausener Strasse (photo) to take care of a disco visitor medically but was hit in the head by an empty […]

It is generally known that the weapons law is currently a big subject in the US. The strengthening was declared by Obama to be an “executive issue” and he has commissioned his VP Joe Biden with carrying it out. Now what “Shotgun” Joe Biden uttered during a townhall meeting is very interesting.

The World Health Organization has just released its first risk report after the mishap at Fukushima. The experts agree: damages to health by radiation from the damaged nuclear units are hardly recognizable. It is questionable whether the statistics really will show additional cancer cases. The radiation doses for the majority of the general population are […]

The death knell is being sounded right away for the head of the Vatican congregation of faith, Gerhard Ludwig Müller (photo) because he believes to have recognized an alleged “attitude of pogrom” against the church, though not totally unobjectively. At the forefront are once again our Green sheriffs of language, most of all the unspeakable […]

Poland wants to put a stop in the future to unwanted electricity from the German wind generating systems. So-called phase shifters are being installed which will help in blocking border-crossing electrical currents.

Australian professor Richard Parncutt (photo left) at the University of Graz who came to our attention yesterday because he called for the death penalty for deniers of climate change also wants the pope to be executed because he is to blame for the death of millions of those sick with aids because of the condom […]

Snowfall causes the sea level to rise more quickly. Until now it was hoped that snow would cause the glaciers to grow, but even the snow in the Antarctic isn’t useful anymore. The sea level is rising and rising because the snow is falling in the sea. A catastrophe. H-e-e-e-l-p! We’re drowning! Hopefully Die WELT […]

Sliced tomatoes, in the opinion of a group from Egypt, are anything but harmless. (Photo: Monazza Tallha/flickr)

Already before the EU Summit, there are “four important EU politicians” having a summit among themselves, according to FAZ. And apparently for weeks: The four EU politicians have already been working for weeks on a plan for how the European Union can develop in the future. We are curious!

Last Tuesday, there were primary elections in the state of South Carolina (SC). So what! There are primary elections on a timely basis there. So, what is the purpose of primary elections, in SC or anywhere else? The purpose of primary elections is, of course, to choose the best candidate to represent your party in […]

The walls of the Holocaust Memorial in Jerusalem were painted during the night before Monday with ten large instances of graffiti in Hebrew writing. According to WELT, among the writings were slogans like “Hitler, thanks for the Holocaust,” and “The Zionists wanted the Holocaust.”

Even after the European Court for Human Rights held that the German prohibition against incest is not hostile to human rights, there are still critics here in our country. Thus, former UAF supporter and Green politician Hans-Christian Ströbele (72) is demanding that sibling sex be allowed! It’s allowed in Turkey, too, so why not in […]

Since all possible technological changes for climate change haven’t accomplished much, scientists are now thinking over how humans can be genetically and medically altered so as not to damage the climate. The suggestions are absolute blockbusters:

And thus it is official: At the latest, starting February 1, 2014, our present bank accounts, familiar since youth, are history. In their unbridled insanity of standardizing everything and everybody in Europe, the European parliament with a greater majority has managed one more step in putting the world in to a capital “disimprovement.”

Now that’s a step in the right direction. Perhaps it’s because of the frost? Anyway, the CO2 lie is now being laid out on the table in a series by BILD. A team of authors around Hamburg’s ex-environmental senator Fritz Vahrenholt has published a relevant book on the subject! Achgut has had the issue longer, […]

Either they’re idiots and didn’t know who they were detaining, or they believe they’re now in authority over even government officials. That, or they’re just plain frustrated that they weren’t allowed to practice any kind of perversion on Mr. Paul’s person. Today, Rand Paul, Republican senator from Kentucky and son of presidential candidate Ron Paul, […]

When proceeding against alleged Nazis, anything is allowable in the media corroded by the Left. Just lately a primitivo website called was started, and the leftwing populist Press of Quality like, for example, die ZEIT, is spreading the good news on all channels so that the Bolsheviks from the network of Nazi pockets are […]

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Seit Inkrafttreten am 16. Februar 2005, kostete das Kyoto-Protokoll etwa
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erreicht werden soll. Man beachte: die Temperatur ändert sich im Milliardstel-Bereich, was offensichtlich in einem weltweiten Massstab nicht messbar ist. Mehr Informationen gibt es bei Junk Science.

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