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Saeed Abedini, pastor and American citizen, is now in jail in Iran. Abedini obtained US citizenship in 2005 after converting to Christ and coming to the US. Before that, he had been the leader of a group of house churches in Iran. He has continued to return to Iran to visit his parents and to […]

The latest Hamas/Israel war was a conflict between Iran and Israel. Iran has greatly expanded its nuclear centrifuges and will have enough fissile material (20% enrichment) for a nuclear weapon within 5 to 7 months. The latest International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) report suggested new reasons to fear that Iran is closer to a “breakout” […]

Among the half-blinded press, talk has been going around lately: Just recently Iran apparently avoided a close gigantic nuclear catastrophe.

It has been only a few days, and Turkish minister Bagis is bragging and saying, Turkey will save the EU financially, and therefore the EU can do nothing other than admit the Turks. How weakly Turkey is set economically speaking is shown in a report in the WSJ. According to it, Ankara is breaking the […]

Pamela Geller of Atlass Shrugs is running an “ad campaign” in the New York subway system titled: “In Any War Between The Civilized Man and the Savage, Support the Civilized Man – Support Israel, Defeat Jihad.”

Two weeks ago, Youcef Nadarkhani who was condemned to die for apostasy from Islam was released due to international pressure on the regime (PI reported). Another Christian, Pastor Behnam Irani (photo) has been in a prison in Iran despite great health problems for a year, and because of “actions against the national security/propaganda against the […]

An Iranian foundation has raised the bounty for the killing of British author Salman Rushdie to 3.3 million US dollars (around 2.5 million euros). The premium up to this point was raised by 500,000 dollars, Iranian news agencies reported. This occurred in connection with the current Mohammed film clip.

Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani, who has been sentenced to death by the Iranian regime, has lost his defense attorney. The mullahs have now condemned attorney Mohammed Ali Dadkha (photo) to nine years in prison for “offenses against the national security.” Idea [3] reports:

There were a few tears on the trip! In the photo, you can see the Iranian Nuclear Islam Fuehrer Ahmadinejad and German Amigos in Teheran. Right of him Jürgen Elsässer, next to Jürgen Elsässer Gerhard Wisnewski. Left beside Ahmadinejad the greyed Yavuz Özoguz from the Muslim-Market, first and second from left Andreas Neumann and Anneliese […]

The Qur’an burning in Afghanistan will only highten interest in the holy scriptures of Islam according to the estimation of Iranian Culture Minister Seyyed Mohammad Hosseini (photo). Even now already, the Qur’an is an international bestseller, the minister, who also is responsible for “Islamic leadership,” told the “International Quran News” press service (Wednesday) in Teheran. […]

Evangelical pastor Youcef Nadarkhani who was condemned to death in Iran for “apostasy from the islamic faith” and “propagation of non-islamic doctrine,” appears to stand directly before execution. According to information from the “International Society for Human Rights,” the central prison of Rasht has been instructed to execute Nadarkhani in the coming days.

The Iranian government recently published a document that more clearly than ever calls for the destruction of Israel. There is a call for setting up a massacre against the Jewish people and the destruction of all their property holdings in the whole world. The demands have immediately appeared on the islamic website that is […]

The elemental force of violence that emanates from islamic ideology should never be underestimated. Naïve politicians and journalists have already made this mistake with the Arab Spring™. Now Iran is in the thick of becoming a nuclear power. The kind of apocalypse that will mean can be seen from a glance at Iranian schoolbooks. Contained […]

It was only last month that the International Atomic Energy Authority IAEA confirmed that not only were carpets being made in Iranian Isfahan but also weapons-grade Uranium. And the one threatened first by Ahmadinejad with “atomic extermination”, as long as there are no errors in translation, needs no further explanation here.

Germany is increasingly falling under the crosshairs of the Iranian terror regime. According to the newest BKA (German Federal Criminal Bureau), the mullahs are planing to weaken the logistics of the US troops in the upcoming war with the US.

More or less unnoticed by the local press here, the “Madman from Teheran,” Iran’s president Ahmadinejad, amid a much celebrated state visit in Lebanon, has called once again for the “Liberation of Palestine.” In Israel, this causes some in the light of this clear threat to end up in the tracks of the Graf of […]

The Iranian-Danish artist Firoozeh Bazrafkan (photo) has found her own way to deal with the barbarity of Sharia. She applies to the Quran the very things it calls for. She lets the Quran “feel” the “eye for eye, tooth for tooth” principle that is understood in Islam. To do this, she refers, for example, to […]

One day after the dedication of the Buschehr nuclear facility, where nothing but the raised pointer finger of Viennese nuclear inspectors separates Iran from access to highly poisonous Plutonium being produced there, the Islamic theocracy has now presented a new drone.

16-year-old Iranian Mohammad Soleimani would most certainly have fought the tae kwon do finals at the Youth Olympics in Singapore, but he had to admit to having “injured a leg.” He wasn’t allowed to appear in the final contest, even though he had good chances of winning.

In Iran, women are stoned for “adultery.” So-called “religious watchers” patrol the streets in order to arrest “indecently” dressed women, for example, those wearing jeans. Peacefully expressed protest against the Stone Age ideology of the regime of oppression is crushed on the streets by brutal police violence.

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