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As is known, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has liberated Aleppo from the Jihad warriors of Islam terror bands Al-Nusra and Islamic State with the help of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Now Christians can finally celebrate Christmas under the protection of modern-minded Alawite Assad without being bullied, persecuted and killed by islamic fundamentalists. (Von Michael Stürzenberger) […]

We live only as freely as the Muslims allow. A provoking subject admittedly. But if we are completely honest and reflexive about it, we conclude – that’s how it is. But, of course, there are the “small” liberties that are affected most of all. The quality of life in and of itself is suffering, spontaneity […]

As PI reported recently, delegates from 14 European countries met at a conference in Prague/Roztoky at the invitation of the Úsvit-Národní koalice Party (Dawn of the People’s Coalition) by Marek Cernoch and the Bloku proti islámu (Bloc Against Islam). This meeting was prepared in an extraordinarily professional way, delivered simultaneous interpretation for the individual national […]

THE DESTRUCTION OF GERMAN WOMEN – TAHARRUSH: THE SEXUAL SLAUGHTER Gone are the days of the German oompah bands. The rapid jihad sweeping Germany culminated at New Years Eve in Cologne, Hamburg and Stuttgart in Taharrush – the Arabic word for the phenomenon whereby women are encircled by groups of men and sexually harassed, assaulted, […]

The Turkish Bureau for Religious Affairs considers it unadvisable for engaged couples to hold hands and to be alone in an area without the presence of other people. There is nothing against engaged couples meeting so that they can get to know each other better, it said in one of the fatwas, or a religious […]

During Silvester night, it wasn’t just the mass gropings in Cologne that were an issue but also in Europe’s capital Brussels. A mob of young Allah warriors through an automobile at Clemenceau Square into a subway shaft and then blew up a Christmas tree to Moslem war shouts of Allahu akbar. And this was just […]

A chilling threat on social media should cause the hair to bristle. ISIS and al-Qaeda have for years marked Geert Wilders as a target, which is the reason that the PVV politician has had to watch his steps every day since 2005. But that doesn’t keep extremist Moslems from a possible attack on the popular […]

German Federal Justice Minister Heiko Maas (SPD, photo) is talking a lot these days (PI has reported several times) and the more he opens his mouth, the clearer the error is in the occupation of his political office by him. From censorship to spy services to Islam, everything appears to involve him and the Napoleon […]

Islamicly depraved Allah servants have become a part of everyday life in Switzerland, too. On Sunday morning, shortly after 6 a.m., the police were called to the Zürich township Wiedikon where several Jewish facilities are located. A 42-year-old Ethiopian was going down the street with a 25 cm long meat cleaver in hand. When the […]

On Christmas Day, a group of radical demonstrators in the Corsican capital Ajaccio trashed a prayer room for Muslims and tried to burn Korans. According to statements by the authorities, the group had first participated in an anti-Muslim protest rally in a settlement with public housing in which a police officer and two firefighters were […]

A PI reader from Florida sent us the link to this moving video that visualizes the international terror between 1/12/2000 and 11/13/2015. A firm listing of each attack is on The barely four-minute video produced by Milan Vuckovic from Berlin has already been clicked on 530,000 times on YouTube. Original on PI-German / Translation: […]

Moslem Ayatollah Ali Chamenei (photo right) is Iran’s “religious” leader. He called the “Islamic State” (IS) terror group a “repugnant group.” So far, so good. They’re Sunnis, and he really hates them, since he is Shiite and they have been passionately bumping each other off for 1400 years. But Chamenei also hates Jews, and in […]

One of the attackers in yesterday’s attacks on a handicapped facility in San Bernardino, California, in which 14 people were killed is now identified: it is Sayed Farook (28, photo). The devout Moslem, along with his Arab wife Tashfeen Malik (27), equipped with military clothing, assault rifles, handguns und explosives invaded the building where a […]

After the Paris attacks, conservative journalist Brigitte Gabriel and religious scholar Robert Spencer spoke Saturday on Hannity about the threat by Muslim “refugees.” Such truthful sayings about the “religion of peace” would be gladly prohibited here in this country by SPD lightweight Heiko Mass. Original on PI-German / Translation: Anders Denken

For many years now, the Jewish owners of the Paris Bataclan convention hall where the monstrous massacre took place Friday have been in the crosshairs of Moslem bands. The video shows a threat by pro-Palestine activists against an event for the IDF. It is a good example for how Islam through violence wants to achieve […]

In a riot in the socially weak Brussels township of Molenbeek, the police arrested three persons after an official request for help by the Paris authorities. At least one of them can be placed in Paris on Friday evening. Belgium’s Prime Minister Charles Michel confirmed this. According to statements by French District Attorney François Molins, […]

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has used the Paris terror attacks as a plea for more relaxed gun laws. “Nobody had guns,” he said of their victims of the attack. The attackers had “simply shot one after the other,” the 69-year-old said Saturday at an election campaign event in the American state of Texas. If […]

In Paris, almost 130 people lost their lives during last night. The attackers were, yet again, young Muslims who hate the West because they themselves cannot find any virtue of the West within themselves. They are societal and human failures of whom in curious opposition to this reality is constantly propagated about their superiority over […]

When Hamed Abdel-Samad came to Dachau on October 28th at the invitation of the AfD, he was derided by the leftist thought dictators as a “fascist” who were also shouting “get out of here” and “piss on you” as well. This was his last public appearance in the framework of his lectures about his new […]

Translator Note: This is the second of a two-part sermon series by Pastor Tscharntke of the Evangelische Freikirche Riedlingen church in Riedlingen that unleashed a backlash by the leftist press and liberal government officials as well. The first, “The Christian and the Foreigner” was posted a few days ago. He is now being investigated for […]

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