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In the Daily Mail can be read today that the publishers of the Oxford University Press (OUP), one of the largest and most renowned publishing houses in Europe have forbidden their schoolbook authors from using pigs or pork themes in their books, since these could offend Jews and Muslims. According to Daily Mail, this venture […]

SPON gives an excellent analysis of why the stupid Swiss voted for a limitation of immigration. Because, in contrast to the Alps Heinis, real geniuses are sitting around who only have to look at a place in the atlas in order to dissect it. SPON gives an excellent analysis of why the stupid Swiss voted […]

The peace prize recipient of the German book trade, Boualem Sansal (photo) has once again given warning about the islamization of Europe. “The islamists are not fighting just against governments but against every other religion, civilization and culture,” Sansal stated in the interview with the JUNGE FREIHEIT (JF)newspaper. The peace prize recipient of the German […]

Mayotte is an island group between Africa and Madagascar and has around 200,000 inhabitants, 95-97% of which are Sunni Moslems. Mayotte has belonged to France since 1841. In 1974, the Mahoris, as the inhabitants call themselves, voted against independence and for remaining with France. In a referendum in 2009, the island was integrated into the […]

Abubaker Shariff Ahmed (photo), or “Makaburi” as he calls himself, is an influential Moslem leader in Kenya and he declares Great Britain as a war zone in an interview with sky news. Actually, this is already quite obvious without such a declaration for people who go through life with open eyes and a keen mind. […]

A devastating CBN report shows that Oslo is already firmly in control of Muslim invaders. In many parts of the city the Sharia already applies as the only law. That’s where the local Imams reign. Recent Police statistics reveal that 100% of all rapes in Oslo are committed by non-Western immigrants and 90% of the […]

A murder attempt has apparently been made again against Islam-critical book author Zahid Khan living in Darmstadt. Several media have reported this. Khan was attacked in front of his house Tuesday morning by two men. One of the attackers stabbed Khan in the attack. This is not the first murder attempt on Khan. Back at […]

On September 12, 1683, Polish King Johann III Sobieski and Count Karl V of Lothringen defeated the Ottomans in the battle at Kahlenberg. Thanks to a Red national government since 1945, the Turks no longer stand at the gates of Vienna, rather they sit well-fed and lovingly cuddled up right in the middle. In contrast […]

Every female Turk is to bear three children for her Führer. This demand by the highest chief of all Turks – also those living among us – was reported yesterday by FOCUS, and we find ourselves catapulted back to the worst chapter in German history. However, in islamic countries, as you know, it’s not seen that […]

From January to around mid-July 2013, around 9000 Chechens have come to Germany as asylum seekers. Among them are, besides members of mafia bands, leading heads of the islamist “Caucasus Emirate” terror cell as well, as Welt-Online reports: From January to around mid-July 2013, around 9000 Chechens have come to Germany as asylum seekers. Among […]

ZDF’s Auslandsjournal, surprisingly, is reporting openly for the first time about the Muslim child sex gangs that have made all of Great Britain completely unsafe in recent years. One of the most recent extreme cases took place in the university town of Oxford. A band of Moslem Pakistanis placed little girls as young as 12 […]

In 2011, the European mainstream media could hardly avoid the giant surprise election victory of the national-conservative, peoples’ party “True Finns” (today: Perussuomalaiset, or “The Finns”). They were forced, though unfavorably enough, to report about a small group of people in Europe’s north that dared not to dance enthusiastically around the EUSSR idols and have […]

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has called the time during the rule of the Christian Byzantines in modern day Turkey a “dark chapter.” With the conquest of Constantinople and the victory over the Byzantine Empire in the 15th century, Muslim Ottomans ushered in an “age of enlightenment,” Erdogan said Wednesday according to KNA. The […]

When the brutal murder happened in the open street in Woolwich, a few newspapers posed the following question: Who or what is behind this terror? It happened in broad daylight in the London suburb of Woolwich. Two Muslims armed with knives and a meat cleaver fell upon the young soldier Lee Rigby after they drove […]

In Stockholm, arson was brought about last night (5/19) by Moslem immigrants. In the township of Husby where primarily immigrants from islamic countries live, more than 100 automobiles were burned out. Several people had to be evacuated. The Russian news agency RIA Novosti speaks in this context of pogroms having played out in Husby. Prior […]

Just how far teenagers were willing to go to get concert tickets for an appearance of their idol was something Anne-Kat Hæland, host of the Norwegian comedy show “Ann kat” wanted to find out. In Oslo’s shopping zone, the following was offered: “Whoever converts to Islam gets free tickets for the next Justin Bieber concert.” […]

“The most prejudiced group are the elderly who grew up in a different time. To put it bluntly, when they die, things will change for the better,” said multiculture expert Mikael Hjerm (photo), 43-year-old professor for sociology at the University of Umeå in an article in the English-speaking “Sweden News The Local” about possible Swedish […]

Vienna (ots) – “We are thankful and congratulate Lego on the decision of no longer producing the Lego Star Wars Jabba’s Palace building set and removing it from the product catalog,” said Birol Kilic (photo left), chairman of the Turkish Cultural Association in Austria. For the Turkish Cultural Association, this toy is a case of […]

In Turkey, so Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutogly (photo left) says, a quick vote is desired for a new pope and a close collaboration with the Muslims in order to wage a mutual battle against islamophobia. Thus, according to Davutoglu’s views, which opinion the new pontifex adopts about the issue of increasing racism in Europe and […]

Spurred on by his triumph of having conquered the “Second Rome” – Constantinople – this drove the ambitious Ottoman Ruler Mehmed II to subject the “First Rome” also to the sword of the prophet. On the way to the West, the Turkish flotilla appeared in the southern Adriatic in 1480. The city of Otranto was […]

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