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by Michael Paulwitz – Junge Freiheit Heiko “Justice Minister” Maas knows just where the real rub is: Massive sex terror by Arab-African bands, women dare not go out in the street and want to avoid large events? Leftist extremists are devastating inner cities, conducting street fights with regiment strength against the police, storming city council […]

Translator note: a ‘southlander’ in this text is an individual from a land that lies in the region south of Europe. Sex attacks against women by those sex-drive-assailants “seeking protection” among us are now apparently the order of the day. Now, where the police want to win back the trust of the population and the […]

Frenchmen who have been condemned for terror acts can lose their citizenship. The French Constitutional Council in Paris made this judgment and declared a corresponding passage in the book of civil law as constitutional. Die ZEIT reported yesterday regarding this interesting possibility with our French neighbors. Even if such a thing is presumably (still) undoable […]

The positions have been abolished. Decency*. Reason*. Prosperity*. And, of course, the continued existence* of Germany and Europe. The rule of law is the Leftist State, and it is getting more and more difficult to believe that prosecutors and criminal judges are representing nation, rights and law and not leftist politics, multicultural morals and repression […]

Islam is a cancer. So believes Michael Stürzenberger who must give an account for this statement before the Munich district court for alleged insulting of a religious confession. He’s right, says his defense attorney who filed four motions of evidence with around 150 pages in order to give that factual foundation. It’s not about that, […]

In December last year, the Spanish government revoked my refugee status for producing the film, “The Innocent Prophet”, declaring me a national security threat. Since then, the government is trying hard to deport me to an Islamic country, where I face death for criticizing Islam. (By Imran Firasat)

A school can to disallow a Muslim pupil because his parents refuse his participation in Catholic religious class and worship services. This was the decision by the Northrhine-Westphalia High Administrative Court on Wednesday in an expedited resolution. In doing so, it affirmed a decision by the Minden Administrative Court. What did the Moslem intend at […]

Nobody in Germany is allowed to be photographed against his wishes – that is the result of the constitutionally protected general right to privacy. However because a general ban would be out of proportion, there are exceptions. Thus, according to § 23 under the copyright law, persons are by all means allowed to be photographed […]

With respect to the activities by the US NSA secret service in Germany, the chancellor said the following sentences at a press conference: “On German soil, one has the German law to adhere to. Among us in Germany and in Europe, the law of the stronger does not apply, rather the strength of the law. […]

US President Obama has now given his word on the acquittal of George Zimmerman (PI reported). Colored Americans viewed this case against the backdrop of “through a set of experiences and a history that doesn’t go away,” he said Friday at the White House. “Trayvon Martin could have been me 35 years ago,” said Obama. […]

Our dim-witted, self-appointed Quality Press has been persistently writing the same uninformed, politically correct nonsense for weeks – and Obama himself has just gotten involved once again. Innocent boy Travon was taking a little walk during the evening, and then along came racist George Zimmerman – this very name – and simply shot the black […]

In Dubai, one can experience “how things can look in a moderate islamic country. Advance knows no boundaries here,” and Islam shows “a very modern and enlightened face,” so was the post on a website called that deals with trips to islamic countries. Whether Norwegian Marte Deborah Dalelv (photo) would agree unequivocally about this […]

The Bavarian Administrative Court issued a suspending action to the urgent motion filed by the PWB Office of Attorneys in Jena for Bavaria FREEDOM. With this, the prohibition of photography and filming for the participants of the rally now off the table, likewise the decibel limitation for the speeches. A couple of exceptions: During the […]

“So much trouble for just one dead person,” “They all would have to be stabbed” – the friends of Jonny K. who was kicked to death had to listen to such sayings in the courtroom. Threats and intimidations by journalists and German participants in the trial are apparently the norm in this trial. Tomorrow (6/6) […]

PI has previously reported on the fatal encounter between neighborhood watch man George Zimmerman and 17-year-old Trayvon Martin (photo right) who was shot by him. Zimmerman himself was injured in the incident and spoke of a situation of self-defense – and was thus released. That, however, was not the end of the story.

Above: “On very thin ice”: Opponents of Islam in front of city hall with a large portrait of SS-Reichsführer Himmler.” –Photo: AIDA Even though Judge Dieter Madlindl decided on acquittal after three long days of trial, intensive hearings of witnesses, abundant examination of the evidence, a cogent plea by defense attorney Sascha Giller of the […]

A case in the US currently shows the fact that from time to time it isn’t all that easy to distinguish between killing in the womb and after birth. Abortionist Kermit Gosnell (photo) was thus condemned for murder in three cases there. The court viewed the fact that Gosnell killed three already born children as […]

Courtroom A-225 of the Munich courthouse, on the second day of the Islam-Himler-poster trial was occupied to the last seat, and thus some of those interested had to take their place in the entryway. After four further hours of hearing witnesses, looking at the TV documentary “Sarrazin’s Germany,” the district attorney’s and defense’s final plea, […]

On Friday (April 26th) I, along with the manager of the Bavaria BPE (“Pax Europa”) chapter and Munich PI photographer Roland Heinrich and two other compatriots from the FREEDOM/BPE/Munich PI circle will be hauled into court. We are being accused of using unconstitutional symbols. What happened? On September 29, 2011, at the BPE “Islam is […]

Hardly anyone held it for possible, but now the Turkish judiciary has actually done it: Pinar Selek, sociologist, feminist, warrior against machismo and militarianism, is to go to prison. For life. It is a dreadful sentence, and anyone who has had doubts about Turkish rule of law until now must ask themselves whether it really […]

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